"It happened right after I got the painting of 9 Dragons and the Pagoda!” - Ekta Bhan

"I want to share some good news. Sir, Raj has got a very good job and we are leaving India by year end Raj leaves this month and we follow soon

“I had to be a little patient and positive. And i think the 9 dragons and the pagoda did the magic. I am very thankful to you sir. And your blessings have worked. The position had got closed and then it reopened in a week or so. It happened right after I got the painting of 9 Dragons and the Pagoda! 

“I somehow had believed in it the day it came into my house.

“We are going to Abu Dhabi, Middle East. His organization is Abu Dhabi Accounting Authority (Govt organization) and he is joining their research group, which they have started a year back and now are in the process of expanding

 “He was doing research in India also... was in Mckinsey knowledge center. His role was at senior level. He wud create new groups start them from ground zero and establish them and make it fully independent he would move on to something new... within the organization he is known for creating a lot new initiatives this creation of new things is his USP and those guys where he is going also want to use that with him on board. They plan to start new initiatives.

“I am also doing good. My teething problems in my work are settled. I am looking to get to the next level.

“It is so funny! Initially everyone would make fun of all the paintings I had. And now they all in some way or the other want to do this. I am happily sharing this experience so that others benefit too.”

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