Jaimes from east England: After a week of installing the painting, I have ‘a passive income’!

April 2012

Hi Mohan,

A while ago Mohan, I promised to send you a testimonial after receiving a painting of your Pagoda and the Arawana fish, so here it is.

After visiting a friend in London, I felt an intense energy emanating from a painting hung at the top of her stairs aligned with her front door.  I am very sensitive to energies as I clear them for others; however, this was something very different and exciting.

It was a painting of Mohan’s “Pagoda and the Nine Dragons”.  Very powerful, but to me absolutely fascinating.  I bought a print of the painting and hung it on the wall he suggested.

About six weeks later, I decided to put my house on the market.  It sold to a cash buyer within seven days.  Absolutely lovely people who valued the energies in my home as well as the décor.  A health problem was then sorted after over a year of tests.  I am now having treatment and I feel fantastic.  Some investments realised more than I had hoped.  I can go on, however, I then decided to buy a painting of the “Arawana” fish or “Gold Rush” as it is also called.  It is placed in the southeast or wealth and blessings area of my home that happens to be next to my front door, again perfect placement.

Visitors often stop and stare at the “Arawana” painting and touch it as there are lots of bubbles coming from it, ‘it is almost alive’ is often a comment made.  After a week of installing the painting, I have now been introduced to ‘a passive income’ that is already making money.  I have been made aware of certain ‘sound’ investments.  People want to help me improve my finances.  What an amazing turnaround of fortunes for me.  I might just get a painting to hang in my relationships area of south west too!

Thank you Mohan, your feng shui knowledge and paintings are priceless. 

Jaimes from the east of England


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