How to work out your animal sign and Chinese Year

The legend is that Buddha called all the animals to come before him, but only twelve arrived. The rat was the first to arrive followed by the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, cock, dog and finally the pig. In return, each was given a year to express their personality. 
Every year, month, day and time of birth denotes one of these animals and their characteristics. The interplay between different animals together with the five elements is the key to every personality. The animals are Yin and Yang . The animals in the years ending with an even number are Yang , and those ending with an odd number are Yin .

The rat, tiger, dragon, horse, monkey and dog are Yang .

The ox, rabbit, snake, goat, cock and pig are Yin .

The Chinese New Year is on a different date each time, as the lunar calendar doesn't exactly match with the solar calendar. This is why the year of each animal begins on various dates in January and February. A person born before the Chinese New Year belongs to the animal of the previous year.

The Chinese animal signs, corresponding to the year of birth, are given below:

Each month too corresponds with an animal sign. The table is given below: 


(The date of every month has to be in coordination with the date on which the Chinese New Year starts.) 

The time of the birth also has the characteristics of the symbolic animals. The table is given below:

The full, detailed Chinese horoscope needs to take the time, month and year of birth into account for more accurate conclusions, but popularly, the 12 animal signs are used to determine the compatibility between couples.

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