Professional Feng Shui Consultation with Mohan Deep

Celebrating 15 years of successful Feng Shui Consultation 

Your visit on this web site is certainly a turning point in your life. Feng Shui changes are changing the destinies of individuals, business empires and even the nations. India's NUMBER ONE Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep is an authority on the subject and is known for his unusually great success.

  • If you want to know more about him click Mohan Deep.
  • His Feng Shui related articles and columns have appeared in India's premier English Daily 'Hindustan Times', prominent daily English newspaper DNA (Daily News & Analysis), weeklies like 'Jam-E-Jamshed' and he has been written about in hundreds of  newspapers and magazines all over the world. He counts several film stars and celebrities among his clients.

Pre-Consultation Survey. Click Feng Shui Guide.

How to consult the master?

  • Site visit.

You can email him at

  • Off-site consultation:
  1. Your date of birth and the date(s) of birth of all the members of the family / important people involved in your business.
  2. The floor plan or diagram of your house / business premises with cardinal directions (North, South, East and West) clearly marked on it.
  3. Feng Shui is all about the nine Life Corners namely Wealth & Good Fortune, Fame & Glory, Marriage & Relationship, Family & Elders, Health, Children & Creativity, Knowledge, Career & Opportunities and Helpful Friends & Patronage.

What is the consultation fee?

click Feng Shui for Home  US $300/ Rs. 20,000 upwards

click Feng Shui for Business - US $500/ Rs. 30,000 upwards

click Numerology Consultation - US $50 / Rs 3000 upwards.

(Note: Please email to get a quote and link/s for payment. You can also pay by NEFT and RTGS.)




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