Poonam Sharma, Secretary The President Business Services HCL Technologies Ltd, New Delhi.


“I have got a new job with much higher salary and perks, and my cabin is larger than the cabin of my earlier boss!”





Everything was in a mess on the home front…

"I consulted Mr. Mohan Deep when nothing was going right in my life. 
I told him that I have a very bad marriage, I have problems with my husband,  mother-in-law, with everyone. I simply wanted to move out from this home, rather house. I wanted my husband to understand me, support me and encourage me. In short, everything was in a mess on the home front. I really didn’t know from where to start. I was depressed and confused.


I was stagnating in ‘Hindustan Times’…


I was also stagnating in the Internet department of the Hindustan Times. HT is number one newspaper in New Delhi, but it didn’t matter to me. I had become indifferent to my work and it showed. HT used to publish Mohanji’s Feng Shui column. Soon, I got acquainted with his web site and ended up consulting him.

He suggested that firstly, I should concentrate on my relationship with my husband and later the other things. But I was sure that there was no scope for improvement in my relationship with my husband, as I was married for five long years, and had tried every method to make this marriage work. Mohanji told me to have faith and assured me that things would improve. He asked me to put the moon energy (Dragon & Phoenix) painting in my room. I agreed and he painted it for me. When I saw the painting. I couldn't find anything unusual in the painting, and wondered if it would really help.

My husband’s behaviour changed…


I really don't know how, but I noticed that my husband's behavior changed and I felt that he started trying to make me comfortable at home. Our communication got better and his perspective about things changed. Previously, he used to blame me for everything, but now he started listening to me and mostly agree with me on controversial issues between us. The best change in him was that he became polite, he stopped shouting at me in front of others, like before.


I too changed, was blessed with a baby…

I too automatically became less rigid about the things. We were blessed with baby boy in February 2005. 2005 was the best year of my life. He supported me in my every decision whether small or big, like keeping a maid at home ( My in-laws were not in favour of keeping a servant for the baby) and my decision to work after delivery. They  wanted me to quit my job). 
My in-laws too mellowed down when they saw that their son was not blindly obeying them anymore. I am still in a joint family, but happy, as my in-laws now are really acting as a support system for me. My mother-in-law enjoys taking care of my baby. 

Feng Shui for Career, the miracle and the ‘Peak’…

I could concentrate on my career now. I also looked around for better openings. Mohanji suggested a painting of the ‘Peak’ for career growth. His Feng Shui paintings, painted and energized by him, are more effective than any Feng Shui remedies sold in Feng Shui shops. He also advised me about the correct placement for it. And the miracle happened!

I got a job as an Executive Secretary to the CEO of NDTV, one of the most successful TV channels in India. And now, I have gone several steps higher. I have got a new job with HCL BSERV Ltd., with a much higher salary and perks, and my cabin is larger than the cabin of my earlier boss! I am very excited, and very nervous . I never thought that my career could make me happy, but I am very happy with my status and I want to sustain it.

Thanks to Mohanji and his Feng Shui. 

Poonam Sharma

Secretary to the President,

Business Services

HCL Technologies Ltd., New Delhi.




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