Zenobia V Bhomisa, Tata Management Training Center, Pune

“I would like to express my thanks for changing my entire life completely with your Feng Shui miracle.

“…My entire life was in a state of turmoil and I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to my husband's job.  My husband had lost his job and for almost a year-and-a-half he was without it. Later, I was told by him that he had taken a loan on which he was paying a huge interest, as a result of which he was down by a few lakhs.  Beside that, his credit card bills were huge.  When I came to know about it I was totally shattered and depressed and worried as to how we would repay the loan amount.  Forget money coming into the house, it was just flowing out like water. 

“Just then I read your article in the newspaper and I immediately contacted you on the phone and also sent an email about my situation.  You asked me to send a house plan, which I did immediately.  Within two days I was informed that there were a whole lot of things in my house which needed to be changed.  You also suggested a few Feng Shui pictures/photographs to be put up in different directions, which we ordered them up immediately.   Within a few weeks, my husband got a job, and slowly and steadily, our loans were paid off and money started flowing into our life. And now we are a happy family, with an abundance of love and wealth.

“I once again express my gratitude to you for having brought back happiness and peace into our family and house.”

Zenobia V Bhomisa
Exe Assistant

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