Maharukh Govadia, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mumbai



Whether Feng Shui would work…


I used to read your articles in Jam-e-Jamshed weekly and often thought of consulting you. The doubt in my mind, however, was whether it would work…

Now I can say, yes, of course, it worked definitely and well for all of us. What I liked the most about you was your patient hearing and guiding us thru the details. Of course, the personal visit to the residence does make a big difference as you can guide us about every nook and corner, and it does help. But I must mention that the improvement started from your guidance thru the ‘house plan’ which I carried during my very first visit to you.


It was like the opening of “doors”…

I wanted certain obstacles to be removed and for us to flourish and progress in life. Feng Shui showed the way for us to achieve what we always desired. It was like the opening of “doors”. You suggested the appropriate Feng Shui products or cures and advised about their placement. I believe it is the proper placement of Feng Shui remedies, along with your positive attitude and energizing of the Feng Shui articles, that worked.


I have already recommended you to many and I keep recommending you to everyone.


Fond regards and best wishes always 

Maharukh Govadia

Bharat Petroleum 



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