Neelima Ajay Desai, Housewife-turned-businessperson, Mumbai


I found a friendly, charming and warm personality...

I got to know about you from your weekly column in DNA. DNA has a crediblity which no other English newspaper in Mumbai enjoys. Other newspapers, including the Times of India, publish paid pieces, calling them 'advertorials' but not DNA. At first I hesitated to approach you. You appeared stern from your photograph, and I had some delicate issues in my personal life, which could have called for a moral judgment. I wanted to protect my privacy. But I did call you and was happily surprised to find a friendly, charming and warm personality. You also never wrote about my private life.

I was unhappy with life... 

I was unhappy with life at that time. I had problems in my personal life. I also wanted to start earning. I didn't want to remain just a housewife.

You came over and showed me the directions of Fire and Water, where I should sit and where I should place my cash box, and recommended your painting of the 'Peak'. And all these worked!

I started feeling peace and harmony... 

When I did Feng Shui at home, within 15 days, I started feeling peace and harmony around me. I would wake up fresh every morning and that is very important to me. Within 2-3 months, I started a catering business (Softy and Chilies caterer).

I'm jogging on the path to my happiness. And I am not surprised to see that within two months, I am on my way up!

Neelima Ajay Desai 
Homemaker-turned- Caterer


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