Phalguni Kamdar, Mutual funds broker

“…I have become a much happier person today.

I used to be disturbed...  

My husband committed suicide after seven years of marriage, because of financial problems. I was a single mother of a 6-year-old daughter, with no one to support us. I started teaching from home but I could barely survive. I also developed a few relationships but they were not taking me anywhere. Those guys were married and people started gossiping about me.

I used to get very disturbed. I was also concerned about my daughter.

“This is when I approached you for consultation. You know very well how you helped me. All I can say is that after consulting you, I became a mutual funds broker. You guided me, told me about this 3-month’s course and I got myself registered with AMCs.

My business is established, my life is settled 

“I learnt from you how to gracefully handle the gossip. Today, a year later, money is no problem. My business is established, my life is settled and I also have a regular income from my past sales. I am content. All this is thanks to you and your Feng Shui.”
Phalguni Kamdar (name changed on request)
A housewife from Mumbai

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