Ichiro Yamamoto, Tokyo

Dear Mr Mohan Deep,
This letter is to thank you for helping me with your Feng Shui suggestions.
If you recall I approached you because you had worked MIRACLES for a friend of mine, my own countryman. Feng Shui is a part of our culture and there are many Feng Shui experts in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Tibet . Why should a Japanese architect consult an Indian Feng Shui consultant?
He says it was his destiny. He came across your marvelous web site and fell in love with it. He read your columns and testimonials. He decided to consult you.
Your advice saved him from bankruptcy!
My case was different. I was running a successful family business but wanted much more than I had. I had two shops, both selling garments. At one, managed by my wife, we sold women's innerwear, negligees and things like that and on another shop that I managed we sold branded apparel for men and women.I was content but when I visited your web site and read what you had written about the Greedy Dragon of Ambition I became ambitious. I couldn't rest till I consulted you and got your oil painting.
My life changed. My business increased manifolds. From one shop in each category I have grown into 5 shops selling women's innerwear and 3 grand shops selling branded apparel.
And now I am being approached for franchise arrangements!
God bless you.
Ichiro Yamamoto

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