SGN Chennai

Dear Sir,
Good Morning.
This time Am not with any queries or doubts, but with great joy.
I am very very glad to tell u, after FS, the first and most awaited result came out in favor of my Papa. I told u, there is a case against him. Today its verdict came. Court declared, it is only a fabricated case against him..
I don’t know, how to express my gratitude towards u. My heart is overflowing with happiness. V r very very happy. I never thought that, the result will come so fast. Anyways, FS to my parents are showing faster results. It took less than 40 days time. That’s great & amazing. We hopefully wait for more favorable achievements in coming days.
Sir, I don’t like to say, the usual ordinary words to express our gratitude. U will be always there, in our hearts. Hope we will get ur support lifelong. Sir, I have a request. We don’t want to reveal the identity of my papa.
Sir, pray for me too. Hope I too will give u good news in coming days.
Regards & respect.
SGN (Name withheld on request), Chennai

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