Feng Shui Consultation - Frequently Asked Questions

Based in Mumbai (India), Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep is available for Feng Shui consultation anywhere in the world. Consultations may be onsite, wherein he will visit your premises and suggest changes. Consultation charges in all cases are standardized.

You can also avail of offsite consultation. This is especially useful if you live outside India. All you need to do is send a floor plan or diagram of the premises, photographs of the interior (optional) and your date of birth by e-mail, postal mail or courier. His advice will include identifying the various `life corners` (Wealth & Good, Fortune, Fame & Glory, Marriage & Relationship, Health, Family, Children & Creativity, Helpful Friends & Patronage, Career & Opportunities and Knowledge) on the map of your house premises, find the flaws and suggest methods (without demolitions unless absolutely necessary) to correct all the flaws, and to trigger and enhance these life corners with right directions, colors, elements and various Feng Shui products to enhance the various areas of your life.

1. How do I pay your consultation fees?

You can pay online by using any international credit card. We have an arrangement with Clickbank.com for accepting the consultation fees and with CCnow.com for selling Feng Shui paintings. Online payment through these reputed banks is considered a safe and secure way of paying. Links are provided in various categories (such as single corner Feng Shui, home Feng Shui) on the home page.

You can also send a pay order or demand draft in favor of Mr Mohan Deep to the following address:

Mr. Mohan Deep
Feng Shui Master
222 Shantivan, New Link Road, Andheri (w), Mumbai 400053, India Tel: 91-22-26367999 / 91-22- 66997992

2. What would you require for long distance Feng Shui advice?

I would require the floor plan and some photographs of the interior of your house (optional), along with the the date you moved in and the birth dates of every member of the family. If you have done any major renovation work in the house in the recent past, I need to know the approximate period when that was done. You can e-mail the info to me, along with the scanned pictures if possible, or else courier them to me. I would also need the background of the problem areas.

3. Can you give Feng Shui consultation without floor plan? Will it be as effective?

Yes, you can. I would give you exclusive guidelines, tips, cures and enhancements that you will be able to apply. You will need a regular compass. And, you will have to provide me your date of birth. My experience shows that it is equally effective.   

4. There are different schools of Feng Shui. Which schools do you follow and what does your advice include?

My advice consists of the following: identifying the various areas (the corners of Wealth & Good Fortune, Fame & Glory, Marriage & Relationship, Health, Family, Children & Creativity, Helpful Friends & Patronage, Career & Opportunities and Knowledge) in your house, finding the flaws and suggesting methods (without demolitions) to correct them. I will also tell you the methods of enhancing and triggering the affected areas. I use the integrated Feng Shui (four schools: the Compass School, the Form School, the Black Hat Sect and the Flying Star Feng Shui) as devised in ancient China. The advice will run into more than 1,500 words and will be sent to you along with the detailed guidelines and instructions marked on the floor plan.

5. How can Feng Shui benefit me? What should I expect from Feng Shui?

The whole idea of Feng Shui is to get the most out of life by enhancing your luck and making the struggle of life easier. There are three kinds of luck: the Heaven Luck, the Earth Luck and the Man Luck. Feng Shui doesn't claim to enhance or change the Heaven Luck but it triggers, enhances and augments the Earth Luck and the Man Luck. My own experience and the experience of my clients has been that the flow of money becomes smooth, business becomes successful, windfalls like legacies from distant relatives and lottery winnings often solve the problems easily, things improve and so does the quality of life. I have scores of clients, most of them famous names from the corporate world, Indian films and politics, about whom I write in my columns in various newspapers and magazines.

6. How long does it take for Feng Shui changes to take effect?

The initial effect may be sensed during the first lunar month after the first new moon. However, my experience is that it usually takes 3-9 months for the Feng Shui effect to become clear. However, there are happy instances when things have changed dramatically, miraculously within 48 hours too.

7. When do I need Feng Shui consultation? Is this one-time Feng Shui advice or does one need to consult you periodically?

Feng Shui consultancy helps anytime. It is never too late to try to get more out of life. You don't have to wait for problems to crop up before approaching a Feng Shui expert. However, it is ideal to consult an expert before buying any property or before starting any renovation. The advice is valid till you renovate your place again or move into a new place. For better results, some clients fine-tune their Feng Shui after a lapse of some time. 

8. Some Feng Shui Masters advice that you should consult in the beginning of every Chinese Year?

No. If you consult someone for Flying Star method which makes it necessary to get the audit done every year. But I combine several other schools of feng shui in my consultation and send a yearly newsletter which covers the flying star feng shui. This has to be done only once. you don't need to consult again till you change the premises.

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