Brijesh R Katal - My dreams turned into reality with Feng Shui


"I was in tears when I first visited you. Now, life has changed for me with Feng Shui." - Brijesh R Katal, a seaman. 


When I first met you two years ago, I was depressed, confused and in tears. Life has changed for me. The Feng Shui advice that you gave me and my family, for regaining our energy, our friends, achieving our goals … everything has been a dream come true. I recommended you to my fiancée, Milann. She also paid a visit to your office for her brother’s marriage. He was not able to find the right girl.
You gave her some tips as well enhancers, due to which her brother got engaged yesterday! There were some problems and obstacles about our own marriage which now have been solved, and we are getting married soon. Feng Shui is amazing.


Brijesh R Katal,

Sailor, Vasai. 


Brijesh R Katal & Milann Mehta

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