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Millions of  believers of Feng Shui have visited during the last 15 years, and thousands have benefited from consulting Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep. The energized Feng Shui paintings of Mohan Deep, and Feng Shui products, adorn thousands of houses spread across the globe, making one of the most happening web sites. Now there is even more good news!

My new E-book!

HOW TO LOCATE AND TRIGGER THE REAL WEALTH CORNER is an e-book that guides you to locate the Wealth & Good Fortune Corner and reveals the secret methods to trigger, enhance and energize the Wealth Corner. It will help you to locate all the Wealth Corners and even the Wealth sub-corners of your home, office, shop, land or any other property you may own. Not only will you locate the WEALTH CORNER, but you will also find out facts that you may never have known.

These facts have traditionally been carefully hidden by the Masters. Feng Shui courses and books impart incomplete knowledge, leaving you panting for more. The few real Masters are so over-worked and in demand that they cannot devote long hours to one premises as you may desire. You can do it only after learning Feng Shui. This requires spending years in acquiring the expertise or settling for brief crash courses, leaving you as confused as you were when you began.


This e-book has a little about the other eight Life Corners (Fame & Glory, Marriage & Relationships, Family & Elders, Chi, Children and Creativity, Knowledge, Career & Opportunities and Helpful Friends) too but the Wealth Corner has been especially focused on. You can thus begin an exciting journey into the world of Feng Shui and transform your life.

Besides locating the Wealth Corner and learning of hundreds of ways to enhance it, you will also learn about your personal Lucky and Unlucky directions. This will further add to your Feng Shui info, taking you closer to the world of riches. What will happen if you correctly and successfully energize and enhance the Wealth Corner? Cutbacks, lay-offs and tighter budgets will be things of the past. You will have everything that money can buy. Windfalls, flourishing business, cushy highly paid jobs, marriage in a rich family or something else will transform your life. Expensive cars, vacations at exotic places, cruises, luxurious life style, designer clothes and everything else that money can buy awaits you.

Feng Shui will take care of your Wealth Corner.

Buy HOW TO LOCATE AND TRIGGER THE REAL WEALTH CORNER and see your dreams come true like is happening to millions all over the Orient. Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep shares the never before secrets with you.




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