Neville Velati: "A master among Feng Shui Masters"



Mr Mohan Deep is the Master among the Feng Shui masters...


Everyday, on scores of TV channels, you see astrologers, Tarot card readers, Feng Shui and vastu experts, making tall claims of 100 percent guarantee and results within 24 hours. Though Mr. Mohan Deep has a much bigger stature, he is conspicuous by his absence among this brigade. Whenever he has made a public appearance, he has been subtle, scholarly and understated. His knowledge of the science of Feng Shui comes across in his articles. I can say that he is the Master among the Feng Shui masters, as I have had a first-hand experience.


I have been with the media industry for almost 15 years now. About four years I had joined an “Out Of Home” media company after quitting a popular English news channel. I had certain professional problems in my life, which seemed insurmountable, and I had to take an important decision pertaining to my career. I had always read Mr Mohan Deep’s column in Jam-e-Jamshed, a Parsi weekly newspaper and the DNA, so didn’t hesitate in approaching him.

The clients’ satisfaction is of prime importance …


Just a phone call to him started our friendship. I saw that he genuinely cared. His consultation went beyond the indifferent Feng Shui advice. The clients’ satisfaction and a solution to their problems is of prime importance to him, unlike others.


Mr. Mohan Deep has been available to me, even at odd hours. In an emergency, I once had to call him at 11pm! This, after even years of consultation. Otherwise too,  in the recent past whenever I have called him, he has always spoken to me on a personal level, which has given me an extra sense of reliability and genuineness. He still cares. I recommended him to few of my close friends in my community and even they have benefitted largely from his consultation, and have thanked me for introducing Mr. Mohan Deep to them.

His Feng Shui is authentic and he is genuine, I can vouch for it !!


Neville Velati

Mumbai – 400036.



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