Ramesh Aswani, Businessman and entrepreneur UAE

“I am always hesitant for mystical things like Feng Shui.”

I am always hesitant for mystical things like Feng Shui. I fear that ignorance of the subject on the part of the practitioner or not fully implementing it may bring negativity.

But in this case, I was relaxed. I knew about Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep from a mutual friend. You were giving out the suggestions in a manner, which showed that you did have a thorough knowledge of Feng Shui. My expectations were an ongoing peaceful atmosphere and harmony. I wanted happy surroundings and prosperity.


I got much more than I expected 


And yes, I did get all the three things. In fact, I got much more than I had expected.

Having seen such good results I have already started recommending. Mohan Deep is doing a very good job. Thanks and good luck.


Ramesh Aswani

Businessman and enterprenuer


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