Sumeetha Manikandan, content writer, Chennai

Sumeetha's ‘The Perfect Groom’

I got the phoenix painting in 2010 to help my husband’s career. Things started happening slowly and gradually. He got a chance to direct a comedy film with the top comedian of Tollywood industry. And I was also pleasantly surprised to note that it helped my career too. I am a freelance writer who works from home. I had written a few chapters of a novel, just for fun. As luck would have it, I saw an ad from a company called Indirom, asking for writers. I sent across the first three chapters of the novel just to get an opinion. And they replied back with an offer to publish it as an ebook. My novella ‘The Perfect Groom’ will soon be published next month.
Though hard work and dedication will helps us succeed in everything, we still need a touchstone to polish our luck. Mohanji’s Phoenix was just that.


And "the Giant"

I have been visiting your website for more than 4 - 5 years and your paintings have always attracted me. The first painting that I bought from you was the 'Giant'. I was married for three years, and we had been trying for a baby, without any success. I underwent many tests, and treatments, but nothing was happening. There was a lot of pressure from my home, my in-laws, and we were getting scared. That's when I took a chance and ordered your painting, and following your advice, we also changed the direction of our bed. My husband was initially skeptical about the painting. He used to ask, “How can this painting help?” But I was desperate.
The results…three months later
After putting up the painting, I underwent a laparoscopy and the doctor told us to wait for three months. We waited for two months and on the third month I got pregnant. It seemed too good to be true.
But all I did was believe in your painting. After nine months, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. We have named her Rakshah after Goddess GarbaRakshambikai (a temple in South India).

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