Kamini Sharma, New Delhi: "I saw the results within two months!"


"I do not trust stranger easily but there was something about the photograph of Mohan Deep..."

I am Kamini Sharma and I live in New Delhi. I do not trust stranger easily. But when I saw the photograph of Mr. Mohan Deep on his web site I felt intuitively that something I could trust him. I gazed at the photograph for a long time. It was as if God was directing me, asking me to share my troubles with him. It was my birthday. I called Mr Mohan Deep and had a long chat with him. This started consultation.
I had a foreigner, an old lady staying as a tenant. She had simply refused to vacate the premises. Nor was she paying the rent. I engaged a lawyer, sent her a legal notice but she was simply not bothered.
"This lady paid my dues and vacated the premises within two months..."
It was during this trouble that I approached Mr Mohan Deep. He was candid and said that legal matters take a long time but we could try Feng Shui. Among several things he suggested was the black tourmaline rock. He told me where to keep it (I understand that it is very important to place it right) and I couldn't believe it when I saw the results within two months! This lady vacated the house after paying all her dues.
I can vouch for Mr. Mohan Deep. What I like about him is his professional approach to things and his sensitivity to the problems of other people.
I can confidently say that Feng Shui consultation with him has done a lot for me and can do a lot for you.

Kamini Sharma, Home Maker
New Delhi

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