Farida Wadia, Pakistan :"Mr Mohan Deep, you are a true master!"

"Mr Mohan Deep, you are a true master!"


When life gets stuck, when nothing happens Feng Shui does the miracle, boosts your luck. I have experienced it. Thanks to you, Mr. Mohan Deep !

Your positive energy pulled me towards you.

I got to know about you from Jam-E-Jamshed and got attracted to you and Feng Shui. I also got to read your articles and see your web site. I had that inner voice telling me to contact you. I saw your picture and your positive energy pulled me towards you. I felt the same way when I met you.

...long awaited promotion happened. 

I wanted to be stable financially. Coming all the way from Karachi, Pakistan, I visited you in July end last year. Within months I benefitted a lot. The long awaited promotion that was just not happening...happened within one year after I consulted you!!   Plus I benefitted a lot after your consultation !! Thanks to you and thanks to Feng Shui.  Hope I benefit more from it as months pass by !!

You are the greatest, a true master and I am thankful that I met you. I am very happy. On my next visit to Mumbai, I will surely drop in to meet you and get some more cures for further betterment and advancement in life !! God Bless You and Thanks once again !!

I wish and pray all those who are a bit back in life reach out to you and prosper !!

High Regards,


Farida Neville Wadia, Secretary.

Karachi, Pakistan




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