"...a magic wand for us." - Mrs Khorshed Jimmy Talati.

Dear Mr Mohan Deep,

Today, as I phoned you to invite you for Homi's marriage, and also give you the good news that we are also running the premier cinema, Regal and all their canteens, I realized how many unfulfilled desires have become realities during the last three years after I consulted you for Feng Shui.
My husband, Jimmy and son, Homi were operating an advertising business from home, and my house was always in a mess. I wanted them to have their own office, and that too, in the neighbourhood, so that I could have a clean home, a real home. Within months of consultation, as if by magic, we located an office premises less than half a kilometer from our residence!
I was very keen that Homi married within our community. We are Zoroastrians and prefer to marry within the fold. That too has happened. We found a nice Parsi girl as his bride!
The business has grown and we could buy another flat on the same floor too.
I must say Feng Shui has become a magic wand for us!

Warm Regards.
Khorshed Jimmy Talati


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