Survey Results: Feng Shui success rate is 85%


Sometime back I sent a questionnaire (Did Feng Shui work for you?) to over 11,000 persons. 7,500 persons responded to the questionnaire entitled: Did Feng Shui work for you?

For me it was a process to know the reality behind the success stories, e-mails, calls and testimonials I have been getting. The figures will give me clear and unbiased picture. The results were interesting and very positive. It is on record now that out of 7500 persons who have consulted me and have participated in the survey, 6301 persons (84%) have given a positive feedback about Feng Shui, though 1199 (16%) are disappointed with the results.

The data indicates that 1767 persons (38%) sought Feng Shui help for Love and Marriage Corner, 1627 persons (35%) needed Feng Shui to bring better luck in their Career Corner and 1255 (27%) consultations were focused on Wealth (business) Corner. 2850 persons (38%) have consulted me for all the Nine Life Corners.


Feng Shui for Love

An interesting observation: 37% seek soul mate and 42% want harmony.

Everyone loves a lover, and there are always human stories behind those seeking Feng Shui help in love. This study shows that 653 persons (37%) wanted help to find a soul mate, 371 (21%) felt lonely, were tired of the monotony of marriage and yearned for excitement and a huge 742 persons (42%) wanted loyalty and commitment in marriage.

It is heartening to find that such a huge number want loyalty and commitment in marriage.

The results are heartwarming!


424 persons (24%) described the results as "Great" and stated that they could find their soul mates soon after Feng Shui consultation. 618 persons (35%) found that their relationship improved and they noticed positive energy, more harmony and committment in their relationships. 212 persons (12%) claimed to have found a lover. While in all 1519 persons (86%) saw that Feng Shui had worked for them, 248 persons (14%) were disappointed with the results.

I liked the positive attitude among those who were disappointed as many said that they were still waiting for love in their life. A positive outlook is essential for the success of Feng Shui in our life.




Even as India and China sees an economic development with more and more job opportunities opening up, there are several major economies which are in trouble. Moreover, every working person who is ambitious need pay rise, promotions, better jobs and recognition for his contribution.

1627 persons (35%) took Feng Shui consultation to enhance their Career corner and the results showed that 553 persons (34%) got a 'much better job with a pay rise', 374 persons (23%) got 'promotion and a fat pay check', 163 persons (10%) claimed to have 'outraced their rivals', 179 persons (11%) felt that 'their contribution was appreciated' and 130 persons (8%) started their own business.

Though 1399 persons (86%) described the Feng Shui results in their career positively, 228 persons (14%) were dissatisfied and said that they were still waiting for the results.


The self employed and the business persons are the most ambitious, and often they feel alone. Feng Shui has helped this community to attain seemingly impossible goals.

1255 persons (27%) had consulted me to enhance their Wealth Corner and 339 (27%) of them described the results as "Great" and said that Feng Shui was a way of life for them. 351 persons (28%) were satisfied but were looking for more changes. 326 persons (26%) said they got what they wanted but wanted more.

1016 persons (79%) were satisfied with the results, 88 persons (7%) had yet to get results and another 151 persons (12%) felt that Feng Shui was not working for them.


Nine Life Corners

2850 persons had consulted me for Nine Life Corners (Feng Shui for Home). 1083 persons (38%) described the result as "great", 513 (18%) said that they were satisfied with the results and 769 persons (27%) said they got what they wanted but were looking for more. Against the positive feedback from 2366 persons (83%) 484 persons (17%) expressed disappointment ("Why is Feng Shui not working for me?") and some articulated hope ("I am still waiting for the results!").






To sum up, 6301 persons (84%) gave a positive feedback and only 1199 (16%) were disappointed with the results. My prayers for this 16% percent. I hope they too will achieve their dreams, get more from life.


Note: This survey was conducted with the help of surveymonkey.






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