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Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep, a scholar who is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on the ancient science of geomancy, popularly known as Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway), lives in Andheri, Mumbai. He is an experienced Feng Shui Master, practicing for 15 long years. He understand the complexities of Feng Shui and he understands what you need from life.

Undisputed King among the Feng Shui Masters

He started Feng Shui consultation when it was relatively unknown in India. In 1994. Fans and admirers grew by proverbial leaps and bounds. His immense following soon turned him into a cult figure and the success stories of his clients all over the world have grown into legends.

Mohan Deep is known as the face of Feng Shui in India.

He travels or gives off-site consultation to people who live far. But fortunately the Mumbaikars can easily have Mohan Deep visiting their house for Feng Shui consultation. Or you can simply visit his office, preferably with appointment, and seek consultation.

Feng Shui changes do not require demolitions or major civil changes, and whether for your home or for business premises (shop, factory, gala, offices), you can incorporate the changes easily.

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Mohan Deep - Feng Shui in Mumbai

Feng Shui remedies

Acclaimed by the media

Bad marriages, searching for a partner, passion, business problems, career issues, stagnation in business growth, lack of support, disputes, education...

Feng Shui has solutions in all the areas. 


Mohan Deep has successfully applied Feng Shui remedies for virtually every aspect of life for nearly 15 years. Over the years, Mohan Deep’s Feng Shui related articles chronicling his recorded success stories have been  published in India’s premier newspaper Hindustan Times’ UK edition, Mumbai’s top newspaper DNA, Jam-E-JamshedChitralekha, the number one weekly in Gujarati, Page3tabloid, Ontrack Suburbs, Pathfinders, The Sensor Post and India First.

He doesn’t keep assistants and personally audits every premise. During the audit he orally suggests Feng Shui changes that do not require demolitions or civil changes. This is followed by a Feng Shui document exclusively for you and every member of your family (or every partner of your business) that contains feng shui info that will play a crucial role in your life. Thousands of people from all walks of life have consulted him and benefitted from the mystical Oriental Science.

Reach for him, talk or write to him in strict confidence.

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Office: 222 Shantivan, New Link Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400053. Tel: +91 22 66997992

E-mail: mohandeep@fengshuimiracle.com

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