Do It Yourself Kit


MM 'Do It Yourself Kit' is the best! In one single kit you get the Nine Feng Shui remedies.


I can vouch for it! ‘Gold Rush’ works in mysterious ways. You will see the money, big money, flowing in your home.  

·         Fame.

Whether you are a creative person or a sportsman, doing a nine-to-five job, or a home maker  ‘Phoenix’ works for you. 

1.  Media attention, appreciation, recognition and awards.

2. Great fame & glory.

3. Appreciation among your own people.

·         Marriage.

‘Lovers in Moon Light’ works at many levels.

1. Find a right partner, the person of your dreams, your soul mate.

2. Bring harmony in marriage.

3. Add spice and passion to your relationship.

·         Health.

 ‘Earth’ with an ancient health symbol that ensured good health and longevity in the Orient ensures that your home always bubbles with positive energy.

·         Education.

‘Talisman for Education’ brings luck factor and the hard work of the student shows great results.

·         Career. 

Feng Shui can be used for career growth as well as better opportunities.

1. ‘Metal’ for opportunities.

2. ‘Peak’ for growth and promotion.

·         Children.

‘Giant’ ensures that you hear the sound of baby laughter in your house.

·         Helpful Friends.

‘Dragon’ strengthens your backing, support and networking. You will never feel insecure.



Feng Shui Kit

US $ 300 (Rs 18,000.00)


Prices and payment guidelines for Indians

List Price: $300.00
Price: $300.00

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