Greedy Dragon of Ambition


This is NOT your average dragon. The Greedy Dragon of Ambition* is one who will never let any opportunity just pass him unexplored. He does not believe in anyone being better than him and he believes in excellence. Hugging the Earth in his powerful grip, the Dragon fiercely guards his treasure. This painting is for high achievers on their way to the top. Those in the business say that nothing can slow you down once you have the Greedy Dragon by your side.

* Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep was the first one to christen the Dragon as The Greedy Dragon of Ambition, a term now famous all over the Feng Shui world.

Placement guidance, signed by the Master, provided along with it.

This lamination is on a solid .6 CM slim panel made of medium density fiberboard which don't require any further framing.

US $ 60 / Rs. 3,600.00 (4"x6")
US $ 100 / Rs. 6000.00 (12"x15")

Prices and payment guidelines for Indians

List Price: $100.00
Price: $100.00

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