Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep Answers Feng Shui Questions

Q: I had a very serious relationship with a guy. We were planning to get married in another year or so. He wanted to be established in his business before tying the knot. Last month he went to Delhi on a brief business trip. He brought a gift for me: Two pairs of high-end, well-crafted scissors. It was an ideal gift for me as I am a fashion designer. In less than a week there was a misunderstanding and we had a quarrel. The tension still continues. Do you think it has to do with the gift he brought for me? I am also not getting as many orders as I used to get. What is the remedy?

A: It is believed that you should never give / accept a gift of knives or scissors. A gift of anything that is sharp and pointed or hostile carries negative energies and causes bad Feng Shui for the recipient of the gift. You can nullify the effect by paying for it. It can even be a token payment. This symbolizes that you have purchased the gift. I suggest that you make payment to your boy friend as consequences of such a gift can sometime be very tragic.

Feng Shui and an unfortunate gift

Q:I am a regular reader of your column. I would be grateful if you would respond to one of my queries. I want to purchase a painting of a mermaid sitting by the seashore looking at some ships. Will this painting be lucky for my house? Please do reply. Thanking you
Elaine Remount
Hong Kong

A: Like the Lonely Pillow Direction, a mermaid sitting by herself looking at some ships can become the Feng Shui cause of loneliness for a woman. The symbolism is clear. In fact, I remember a restaurant called Donna Paola which didn’t do well for the same Feng Shui reasons. Donna Paola is a sad love legend of a Goan girl who died waiting for her man who never came. A statue still remains on the site where she used to come and wait for her man and the area is called Donna Paola (two feet) after her. The customers never came to this restaurant. It closed down.

Feng Shui and the painting of a mermaid

Franchisee in a Mall seeks Feng Shui help

Q: We have got the franchise of a famous chain of cafes in a mall in the Western suburbs. Though the brand is very famous, our business is not picking up. We consulted a Vaastu guy but it was not possible to implement the changes he suggested as he insisted on demolitions. We have to retain the same colour combination and same décor as per our agreement. Can Feng Shui be useful in this situation? We are worried, as a lot of money has already gone into the business.

(Name withheld on request)

Feng Shui is different from Vaastu and there will not be any need for major civil changes. Over the last two years, I have encountered a similar situation from those running shops in various malls. The business may be fashion, clothes, shoes or food bazaar, the problems are similar and Feng Shui has shown very good results. Feng Shui solutions, however, are different for different trades and also take into account your date of birth. While trades like catering and cafes are ruled by Earth element, the business of furniture is ruled by Wood element. These elements should be in harmony with your birth element. You can email me more details about your business problems (i.e. partners problem / staff shortage / more take home business but few visiting your café etc.) the floor plan / diagram of your shop and the date of birth of all the partners.

Franchisee in a Mall seeks Feng Shui help

Q: We got married four years ago and as we wanted to avoid the usual problems of a joint family, we have lived separately right from the beginning. Yet, there is a lot of disharmony in my home. We both work in call centers and have different shifts. On some days, while on the way home, my husband visits his parents and siblings. On those days and for a couple of days after these visits, he seems hostile and very negative to me. This often results in quarrels between us. When I accompany him to my in-laws house I can sense a lot of negative energy and silent hostility behind the formality. What is the Feng Shui remedy for this? I want to strengthen my marriage. We sleep with our heads to the South and our door direction too is the same. Is the South unlucky in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, no direction is considered lucky or unlucky for all. It is very important that you and your husband sleep with your heads (preferably) in your Marriage direction and if that is not possible, in one of the four lucky directions. This will be the beginning of a better relationship between you. But in a complex situation like yours you need a full Feng Shui consultation to ensure that you remain in the Power position and successfully deal with your in-laws.

Problem of couple working in call centers

How I can attract good fortune and wealth by the help of Feng shui
You can acquire the painting of double blessings available at http://www.fengshuimiracle.com/fengshui_paintings.html to attract the good fortune and wealth. A blend of Lord Ganesha and Laughing Buddha, it has shown very good results in the past.

How to attract good fortune and wealth with Feng Shui

Q: I found this site interesting...I want to meet u once or talk to u on phone..is possible
Neha Chhabra
Q: I have seen many sites related to Feng Shui and can certainly say that yours is the most interesting. I have interacted with some Feng Shui experts in Mumbai but have noticed that they are ignorant. One Feng Shui Master has a road directly aimed towards his front door but he has done nothing to repel the poison arrow, and another lady Feng Shui expert has a board hanging on her covered balcony which would be an obstacle for the flow of positive energy. She also has a lot of clutter in her balcony just behind this board. You have been a journalist in the past. Why don’t you expose people like them?
To come to the point, I find your profile fascinating. I want to meet you. If that is not possible, I want to at least to talk to you on phone or chat with you on the messenger?

Shanti Kalra
Hello Shanti and Neha, you do have a point but as a policy I do not comment on other Feng Shui consultants. As for meeting me, you are welcome to call me on 9820199378.

I want to meet you

My house is in kerala. The house is facing towards South.  My date of birth if 25.07.1964.
Vijay Kumar
Hello vijay, in vaastu a south facing house is considered totally inauspicious. However, in feng shui, it is determined from your pa kua number and is not always considered unlucky. I suggest that you opt for feng shui consultation. If unfortunately, South happens to be one of your unlucky directions then we can do both the remedies; Feng Shui and Vaastu.

Door in inauspicous South Direction as per Feng Shui

My Kua is 4. My wealth direction is North.  My husband & I own a copier company and we operate it from our home. My desk faces North with a large window on my back facing a lush backyard. My husband's desk faces West (Kua 6). Lately, we've been experiencing lots of chaos in our work and worry that all afflictions (Grand Duke Jupiter, 6 Killings...) are attacking us!
Hello Fabiola, you can acquire Pi Yao from my web site to counter Grand Duke Jupiter. It needs to be moved by 30 degrees every year. You will get the instructions with it. As for Three Killings, you must never sit with your back towards it. Nor should you do any renovation in this sector, and the sector changes every year. In 2006, the Chinese year of Dog it is in North.
As you seem to be facing so many problems, my advice is to opt for complete Feng Shui advice.

Countering Grand Duke Jupiter in Feng Shui

I have some old chinese coins I want to make into a wealth talisman. I don't know how to tie them and have bought some pre-tied replica coins to see how it's done, but they're not all the same. Where can I get the right method?
John Kelly
Dear John, you can copy the method from the coins available at our web site but the coins need to be energized too. I suggest that you contact an authentic Feng Shui Master in your locality with these coins. You can also courier the coins to me. They will be energized and returned to you.

Chinese Coins and knot

"Dear Mr Mohan Deep, I am a happily married woman of 45 years. My husband is well off and involved in his business and my only son is in college. I have a lot of time on my hand wish to do something to occupy myself. I saw your photograph for the first time on your web site and somehow felt a strange attraction for you. Your eyes hold a magnetic attraction. Every time, after that, whenever I visited your web site and saw your photo I felt like writing to you, meeting you. I live in Pune but can come to Mumbai to meet you any time convenient to you. I also would like to invite you to my house in Pune. How do I go about it, sir?"
P.S. Please do not disclose my identity if you post my mail on your web site.
Hello Saira, Thanks for the compliments. You are welcome to visit me at my office. I also can visit Pune but it is not clear what you wish to do. The best thing is to come to me with the floor plan or diagram of your house. I will take a look and we will try to enhance the Career corner if you want to work or we will try to trigger the Relationship sector so that you can socialize more. I can also visit your house at Pune and give Feng Shui suggestions.

Want to visit

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