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We have almost settled on a new house to buy. The house faces East, kitchen South, our bedroom North, bathrooms North west, study/office East, and living room West. We have been married for almost 10 years and have been unable to maintain pregnancies (lost 3 pregnancies). My husband's birthdate is 5th Dec.1971 and mine is 24th Dec. 1971. Please advise if this house will be lucky. Also please advise us on wealth, career, and child prospects. We will be much grateful for your advise at your earliest.
Dipti Gupta

Dear Dipti, Feng Shui painting - entitled the Giant – can be very useful to you if it is placed in Children & Creativity corner of your home. You can acquire this painting at http://www.fengshuimiracle.com. East is one of the unfortunate directions for your husband though it is the marriage and romance direction for you. However, I will need to take a close look at the floor plan with focus on Children & Creativity corner. The Feng Shui flaws will have to be corrected professionally.

Will my new house be lucky for me, as per Feng Shui?

Dear Mohan Deep,

Recently I happened to read your article of fengshui in the Hindustan Times. I have some doubts. Recently we bought some fengshui products like laughing Buddha, three legged Todd, dragon turtle and lucky bamboo. the shop keeper told us that there is no specific place to keep the Buddha ( we bought the set of 5 pieces). but my friend told me that it is good to keep them facing to your main door. is that true?. and the Todd and turtle we have kept on the top of  TV with frog facing inside and both with coins. what more we need to keep in our house.
my DOB is may 8th 1971. time- 11.45 PM
my husband's DOB is 23 rd may 1962 11.35 PM.
my husband is having some difficulties in his current job. what should we do to clear this.
waiting for your reply.

lakshmi Muscat.

Dear Lakshmi, the shopkeeper was obviously ignorant. Your friend is right when he says that Laughing Buddha should be facing the door. It can also be placed diagonally opposite the door. Three legged toad, besides facing inside, should be preferably on the floor near the door, like it has come in. The coin in its mouth symbolizes the wealth it has brought in. The turtle must face southwest to counter the havoc caused by Tai Sui (Grad Duke of Jupitor) located in this direction during this year of monkey. As for more Feng Shui products, I suggest you can click on Http://www.fengshuimiracle.com and chose one of the many paintings available online. Detailed directions about where to place these paintings are also mentioned on the site.

Where should I place the Laughing Buddha?

My Pa Kua no is 6 and my husband's no is 3. Soon we are going to move to new apartment whose main door faces to the North, kitchen is in the West, stove faces the  East, toilet is in the East, bedrooms in the SE and SW. I already checked on your site that it is very lucky for my husband but for me it has very bad Feng Shui. What should I do to make it more favourable for me too? Please suggest. Thanks.

It is because your husband is an East person and you a West person that this situation has arisen. There are several Feng Shui ways to correct the imbalance without any structural changes. The house can be as lucky for you too. But I will need the floor plan of your house to give you professional advice. Besides the direction of the main door, there are scores of other things that should be viewed to improve the Feng Shui of the house.

My new house is lucky for my husband but unlucky for me, as per Feng Shui

Mohan ji,
Could you please suggest me some measures for improvement in my husband’s career.

My husbands name is Vishal Sharma , D.O.B : 4 June ,1973 Place :  Manipur


Divya Sharma

Keep a couple of metal statues in the North to trigger it with metal energy. Also, refer to the above query where I have suggested my Greedy Dragon of Ambition. Dragon is considered a very potent Feng Shui weapon. If you wish detailed professional advice you can always write to me at md@mohandeep.com.

How do I improve my husband's career?

Dear Mohan Deep,

I am a student studying in Canada.  I am not having much luck when it comes to career. I am finishing my undergraduate studies.  I want to continue my studies and want to do masters. But so far didn’t have much luck in graduate universities accepting me.  I live in a rent apartment.  i cant tell you much about my place where live, and to be honest since me being student i always look for cheap places and move on. Currently I live in 1st floor of a house (more or less) my door faces east so is my room (I guess).  Around the house there are other buildings, and there is also a river facing east.

I am not sure if this helps. And I am aware that you must be getting lots of such mails, i am nor sure even if you are going to read this mail.

my names is sudeep mehrotra i wonder if you can help me.

thanking you

Dear Sudeep,
Please refer to the above to QA. You too can place a metal statue in north to take advantage of metal energy.

Improving luck in education with Feng Shui

Hello Mr Mohan Deep,

My name is Rajni and my date of birth is 13 April,74, place of birth is Himachal Pradesh (Hoshiarpur) and i do not have the exact details about time of birth.. it is somewhere between 9.30 PM to 10.30 PM
My husband's name is Vikas, his date of birth is 9 January, 69 place of birth is Mumbai  and time of birth is 1.35am

My husband's position at home is very subjugated and he has no right to speak up for his rights at home.  I am under a lot of mental tension and am having to consult a doctor.

Can feng shui help me to have a happy married life?

 Rajni Bhatia

Dear Rajni, please take a look at the article in my latest notebook (Son Rises Again). You will get an idea about Feng Shui Interior which can be employed to strengthen your husband’s position in the home. You do not need to be tense and consult the doctor. Ask your husband to sit on an elevated seat in a dominating position in the Power corner of the home. He may also wear earthy colors and keep some ceramic or marble object in the same sector. For detailed guidance you can consult me professionally as I will need the floor plan of your house. You can write to me at md@mohandeep.com.

Feng Shui for a happy married life

Hi, I bought ba-gua mirror (8 sided).where should i place the mirror.i mean inside or ouside the house and the direction.my birth date is 26 june 78 and my husbands 21 june 75.i will be thankful to receive a reply.


Ba Gua mirror (also called Pa Kua mirror) is a very potent Feng Shui cure but it should never be placed inside the house. It can cause disaster by attracting negative energy. Ba Gua mirror is used to repel poison arrows and negative energies. It may be placed atop the main door.

Where should I place a ba-gua mirror?

I came to US about 5 years ago. I should not say since then but even before my coming ot the US, I have been facing a lot of inner conflict, fear and unrest in myself. Mainly, my marriage to an abuser is to be blamed! Now, I have left him but I still feel a fear and I think people in general do not enjoy my company. Consciously, I do not say bad things to people. I am not sure why people are not attracted to me. I want friends and a nice person in my life. What should I do?


Mani, an abusing partner, whether the husband or the wife, leaves scars that take a long time to heal. Like happens to Robert Julia in Sleeping with the enemy – or in its Bollywood versions Darar and Agnisakshi – where the lady changed her name, changed her looks, all to escape the most dangerous man she's ever known…her husband.
In your case, because of your sensitive nature, the damage seems to have lingered for long. I’m sure Feng Shui can bring the desirable changes in your life. You will need to enhance your Helpful Friends corner and also the Marriage & Relationship sector. According to the Compass School, these two corners are in Northwest and Southwest respectively. However, if you wish to employ a blend of the Compass School, Black Hat Sect and the other schools you can seek professional consultation by visiting http://www.fengshuimiracle.com.

Dealing with an abusive partner

Hi, me and my husband work very hard in professional life but we don't get any recognition and monetary benifits. We are facing this problem for the last 3-4 years. Please suggest a solution.


Dear Ritu,
You may keep a Laughing Buddha directly or diagonally opposite the main door. Laughing Buddha is known to have brought in luck in the life of many. However, if you wish professional Feng Shui consultation you may visit my web site (http://www.fengshuimiracle.com)

Working very hard without getting recognition and monetary benefits

My Pa Kua No. is 9 and my husband's Pa Kua  no. is 6. Our house is east facing. I want to place some Feng Shui items in my home to enhance wealth, career and fame corner, so please advice. Further, both of us struggle very hard to raise our financial position but money always flows out. Please advice.
Thanks & Regards

You may hang Feng Shui coins on the inside of the main door to attract good fortune.
However, it is your East facing house that is giving you problems. East is one of the unfortunate directions for your husband though it is your Success direction. It is quite possible that there are flaws in the Wealth, Career and Fame corners too. You can also keep couple of metal statues in your career sector to take advantage of metal ch’i.

How do I create wealth and boost my career and fame corner?

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