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I am sitting with my back facing a large mirror in my office (this room used to be for a gym) is it bad feng shui?

Doreen, I do not see any problem if your back is facing (!) the mirror.

Is it unfortunate to sit with one's back facing the mirror as per Feng Shui?

hellow sir,
i m a gal of 24 years old n i m married.......but since i got married i have
got a lot of problems......i m getting blamed by peoples .......they r
pointing in my character........thou,my husband love me......i m in tension
all the time..................so i m afraid my married life may ruined by
the people who r blaming me......also pls advice me to choose an actual
career according to my birth date its 1980...june 10th.......and my husband
bate of birth is 1976....november 9th. please help me to live a better life
with the help of fengshui.thank u.

there may be feng shui flaws that need corrections and then enhancement in the marriage, fame and the career corners of your house. toilet in fame sector - for instance - can cause controversies, gossip, scandal, exposures, infamy and even suspension / dismissal from a job (or post) under a cloud.  flaws in the marriage corner, coupled with this kind of situation, can be further risky.
you are welcome to consult me professionally by sending me the floor plan / diagram of your house after making online payment of the usual consultation fee.

A lot of problems after getting married. Can Feng Shui help?

Hi, Mohan Deep, My mane is KV and I have been very depress and worried about my future life and with my family. Starting off six years ago when my father pass away and from there ,thing wasn’t the same no more ,couple years down the line my wife uncle whom we stay with for a while pass away , then eight month later my wife grandfather pass away who we also stay with, Then months later my son who we lost was a still born baby, almost two years later my younger brother die from a mysteries death behind my mother house. Last ,I just lost my oldest brother three week ago from a sucide.while we were in the process of just taking over a run down business. Tell me Mr. Mohan Deep is this bad luck or it’s was just meant to be ,please I need your advice
Sincerely KV

There seems some Feng Shui problem that has caused these tragedies. You can certainly use the professional advice. And for this you can make online payment at

A streak of misfortune

I am a real estate agent have been for the past two years with only a couple of clients.  I operate the business from home and a little at the office.  The door to the office faces the west, the desk with computer is in the southwest corner, there's a love-seat, one tall bookcase (wooden) one shorter (white plastic)bookcase.
birth_month = January
birth_date = 16
birth_year = 1952


hello Earlyn,
no wonder. your office faces your unlucky direction. so does your desk.
you should certainly go for feng shui consultation.
it will help you.

Struggling real estate agent

Even after achieving high levels of education, I am not able to get myself a job. My DOB is 23rd July, 1974. I am really concerned about my career prospects. How can Feng Shui help me to avoid loosing opportunities and be more aggressive and persistent in job search and even in ensuring that I fare well in my interviews. I have placed a water fountain in the North of my house. 

Vinni, USA

I’m sure Feng Shui can help you. Simply putting water fountain in the north of your house may not work. There are over 40 schools of Feng Shui and this compass school popularized by Lillian Too is the most simplified.
For a more effective Feng Shui, you need professional consultation to determine whether the career corner is complete and has no flaws. If you wish to consult you can visit http://www.fengshuimiracle.com or write to me.

Highly educated but jobless

What can I do that will make my career soar high like the phoenix?

Aditi, New Delhi

You can acquire the Phoenix from http://www.fengshuimiracle.com .
The directions regarding the placement accompany the Phoenix. Placing it in the Career sector will show good results.

Taking career to new heights with the phoenix

Is it essential to rub Laughing Buddha's belly? If not, then how to use it?

Sahil, New Delhi

Yes, funny though it may sound, Chinese do believe that you must rub Laughing Buddha’s belly for better luck.

Should we rub the stomach of the Laughing Buddha for better luck?

What can we do to get suitable match for our son & daughter & get them married immediately.
usha mahajan


You can acquire the painting of Moon Energy (Phoenix and Dragon) by clicking http://fengshuimiracle.com/fengshui_paintings.html . The guidance about the placement comes with the painting.

Getting son and daughter married with the help of Feng Shui

Dear Mr.Mohan,
I have a genuine concern about the  way my career is progressing with instability. Any amount of hard work and creativity is not paying. Too much of politics. Kindly suggest
parthasarathy srinivasan 

Hello Partha,
You should go for Feng Shui single corner (Career) by clicking the following link:
as suggestions will require referring to the floor plan of your house.

Career progressing with instability. Coping with politics at workplace.

Hello Master,
My name is Belem Gonzalez QUintana and my date of Birth os april 4 1963, I'd like to do a cure for prosperity. Can you recommend one for me or give me a prayer for prosperity?
Please, I really need to do better than now.

Belem G Q

Fook sticker (large) available at http://fengshuimiracle.com/fengshui_paintings.html#products may be pasted on the main door to attract prosperity. It is your prayer for prosperity and brings luck in your life.

A prayer for prosperity

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