Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep Answers Feng Shui Questions

Dear Mr. Mohan,
We're planning to buy an apartment which is triangle in shape. It's entrance is in the knowledge area. Can you pls tell me what'll the impact of the triangle house? It's a corner plot and on the 2nd floor. It's a duplex flat of 1700sft.

Do not buy a triangular property.

Should one buy a triangular shaped house as per Feng Shui?

I work hard and really deserve a better career. I think part of my problem is that my toilet in my house is in my fame area.  i have put a crystal quartz by the window and have put red toilet sets but there is still no improvement.  is it okay for me to put a laughing budha in the toilet.please do not disclose my name
 (Name withheld on request)

Laughing buddha is never to be placed in toilet. It is showing disrespect.
even crystal quartz is not right as it will, on the contrary, strengthen the (negative) energies.

Can one place Laughing Buddha in the toilet?

Last year I acquired the acrylic painting Greedy Dragon of Ambition from you. It boosted my career tremendously. I got two promotions and major raises in salary. Now I have a new, lucrative job offer from an MNC. I have yet to decide whether to take it. My question is about the painting. Seeing the benefits of my Greedy Dragon he has expressed his desire to buy it from me. He has offered me a very good price for your painting even when you are painting them for $300-400. I want to know whether selling this painting – and acquiring another greedy dragon from you – will have any adverse effect on my career growth.
(Surname withheld on request) 

Hello Nick. You are not the first one. There have been some others too who have resold my paintings and acquired another from me. To be honest I have not heard of any adverse effect on them. However, they have resold the paintings after achieving their goals. Like one couple resold my painting of the giant (for conceiving) after having babies and another resold the painting of the greedy dragon of ambition after successfully retiring. Since you are very much active in your career, climbing the graph of success why do you want rock the boat by trading the painting that has brought you luck. The value of painting – of all the paintings – are known to have gone up.

Should I sell your Feng Shui painting at a profit after it has proved lucky for me?

Our Bed sits directly in front of a door, there are 2 windows behind our bed on either side of bed.This is the only spot we can put our bed. My date of birth is 28th Sept 1976. My husband is experiencing insomnia. What can we do?

Crystal O'Neill

It is not the right direction for the door...specially, sleeping opposite the door is taboo. It is coffin position. Lotus can help in insomnia.

Direction of the bed and insomnia

Is it wise to have a mirror in your office? I worked out of my home.
My birthday is 1/31/1954. Born in New York at 6:36 pm. I was told that my front door of my home is facing Northwest, which is the worst direction for me. I am having too much delays and setbacks in my business. Because of little money coming in, I am not able to afford advertising. Perhaps you can offer some pointers to help. My business is very slow. My commissions are very low and few in between.
Please help. I am a single mother with a sick child. I have very little energy and motivation. My mind is always tired.


Hello Marie,
The ideal solution, of course, is to opt for complete home feng shui and since you are operating business from home i will not charge you at business rate. the consultation fee is us$100 for every 1000 sq ft or floor. in this i will give you a method to nullify the negative effect of the door being in your unlucky direction without any demolitions and civil changes.
Otherwise, you can acquire the print of the peak and place it in your living room. The directions for the exact placement will come along with the print. This will cost you us$75.
Both are available with online payment at http://www.fengshuimiracle.com .

Feng Shui for a single mother

I'm in so much in love, with my boyfriend, i give him money and things, and he said that will get married next year, he even said that he love 110 percent, but when i scold him and get angry with him one time, he didn't answer my calls and reject. so hurting but i still wait for him. My date of birth is Sept 1st, 1976.
(Name withheld to protect the identity)

The answer for you is to employ single corner (marriage & romance) Feng Shui consultation. Will give you complete guidance.
You can also acquire the painting of moon energy (phoenix & dragon) for the same. The directions will come with the painting (or print).
Another answer to your problem is ...you can use moon energy to enhance your love luck.

Here is the link to give you some more info about moon energy.

Getting my boyfriend back

I have only 1 friend, but I’m happy with husband, children and family. I will be getting good money, but I can't start any business, no one take me seriously? And i can't lose weight. I am 5ft & 80 klg. I can't call you. I live in Saudi Arabia now.

mona ghanim


Hi mona,
Like all others, you can get off-site feng shui consultation for home. Simply go on the site http://www.fengshuimiracle.com and make online payment for home feng shui, send me the floor plan or diagram of your house, some photographs of the interior (optional), your date of birth and problems in details.

Want to lose weight and start a business

Saw your website, very interesting topic to me. I want to learn about moonenergy as I m still single for many years.


Hello Alice,
Because of this one line question you are close to getting what you have always wanted, missed and never got so far...you can use moon energy to enhance your love luck.

Here is the link to give you some more info about moon energy.
Click http://www.fengshuimiracle.com/moon_energy.html

Moon energy and luck in love

It would be very helpful to understand significance of each of your crystals, etc. Thanks
Saralee Cox

Hello Saralee,
You will get some of the answers if you click the link below.

The significance of crystals

My husband planted a weeping willow in our backyard. Afterwards, I heard that this means death and it could drain our finances. Is there a Feng Shui cure for this? Thanks

Planting weeping willow (or mandrake plant) in the backyard of a house is very inauspicious. Why did he do it? To remedy the negative effects and to attract good luck in the house you can opt for Feng Shui consultation.

Weeping willow in the backyard

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