Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep Answers Feng Shui Questions

Q. My boyfriend is a single father of two boys and I am a single mother of two girls. We decided to move in together in Feb 2007. As of today, I still feel like a "visitor" not like I am at home. Almost every piece of furniture in every room is his. I brought a few pieces with me but 95% is his. All our furniture is leftovers from his broken marriage as well mine. I feel this is a hindrance in our relationship and not letting me feel completely happy and content. We cannot afford to purchase all new furniture, so what advice could you give us?

Nancy Maxwell

Hello Nancy,
Ideally, he must get rid of the old furniture. Once free from old furniture, he will be free from the hold his first wife has over him. It will be good for your husband too. After getting rid of the old furniture, you may go for home Feng Shui consultation.

Can feng shui improve relationship with boyfriend?

Q. Dear Feng Shui Master, I came across your website and read the testimonials of your clients and I would like to try and seek advice from you. Yesterday a Feng Shui Master came to our office. He looked at me and told me that I look too stressed and tired and no matter how well or how long I sleep or rest, it won't improve my energy level because my bed is in the wrong position. But my room is only about 6 square meters and I'm sharing it with a friend. If I move our beds, the side of our beds would be facing the door. Aside from that, I'd also like to enhance my marriage and relationship because I feel lonely and worried. Thanks, and I look forward to your reply.
Truly yours,

A. Within the limitations, you would do well if you change the position of the bed as per Feng Shui. The sides of the bed facing the main door is alright. If you wish to enhance your Marriage and Relationship corner you can acquire a painting of Moon Energy from our web site, though the best thing would be to consult professionally for the Single corner Feng Shui for Marriage & Love.

Improving marriage and relationship with Feng Shui

Q. Dear Mr.Mohandeep, Sir, My D.O.B. is 12.01.1962.  I live on the 4th floor and my building is G+5. While entering my flat I face west. The main door of my flat is situated in front of the door of the lift. I am not in a position to shift the main door of my flat under any circumstances. I would like to know the negative effects of this.
P. K. Kanodia,

A. While the door direction is okay for you, it may not be very auspicious for the other members of the family. Worse, you have a lift directly opposite your main door. The lift may emit the poison arrows and negative energies towards your house. The effects of these negative energies could vary from the effect on health, finances and marital relationship as well as the comfort level of the inmates of the house.

Negative effects of wrong direction of main door

Q. There is one thing that is bothering me. I am moving to a new house soon and some renovation is required. I have read up some of the renovation rules and they say that I can't renovate the west part of my house in 2007 as the sector is occupied by the ill stars. But the west side is the exact location that I need to renovate. Please help....

A. It is true. This is only one aspect of Flying Star Feng Shui. If you want to calm your nerves and have a tension free interior decoration, you should seek professional consultation.

Using Flying Star Feng Shui

Q: Dear Mr Mohan Deep, I am building a bungalow. At which stage should I bring a Feng Shui Master in picture? Should it be now when the architect is in the process of preparing the plan or should it be after the bungalow is completed but before starting the interior decoration?

Sam Gaunt
Los Vegas

A: The best stage is now when the bungalow is at a planning stage. The Feng Shui Master can take a look at the floor plan and point out the flaws in the location of bedrooms, toilets, kitchen etc, and can also suggest the right place to have sinks, wash basins and other utilities. Even the colors of the walls in various rooms can be decided before hand. Architects are not aware of Feng Shui and create blunders. I’d know as I have spent years in Academy of Architecture, before turning to writing and later to Feng Shui. In fact, I have come across qualified architects who do not know the right height of a writing table and chair! It is better if the Feng Shui Master you consult at planning stage is acquainted with architecture. If you are buying an apartment, you can always consult a Feng Shui Master by showing him the floor plans of the proposed / under construction building. Feng Shui comes in the picture again when you want to begin interior decoration.

Building a bungalow as per Feng Shui guidelines

Q: I am over-weight, rather fat. I tried getting into Sunil Shetty’s Biggest Loser but couldn’t get in. My problem is food. When I am happy I want to eat. When I am tense I want to eat. I eat when I am unhappy. I eat when I travel. I eat when I view TV serials. Both my parents are overweight. Can Feng Shui help me change?
Jamshed M.

Q: Mohanji, I run a restaurant. The food is good and the customers have no complaints. Yet, they don’t linger on the table for long. Naturally, the business is down. I leased this shop in December 2006. It has been 6 months. My lease ends in November. I am very much worried. Can Feng Shui be of any use?
George Manual

A: I am answering both the questions together. Mr Mehta wants to control his intake and Jimmy wants customers to linger on food for long, to eat more.
Though there is an amount of free will involved in your situation and one can also blame the genes and conditioning by mothers who set the pattern and even quantity of eating for their children, Feng Shui can bring a balance in your life.
Feng Shui can certainly boost the dieter’s efforts. Since our surroundings influence how we act, interact and react, where we eat influences our eating patterns. It can slow you down or can speed up the process.
To balance the five elements of Feng Shui - earth, metal, water, wood and fire, as well as yin (alkaline) foods with yang (acid) foods is the secret of increasing the level of chi, or positive energy. Often, if you are depressed you overeat to `lift yourself`. Positive energy around you makes you feel good. If you feel good you don’t overeat.
The water element represented by blue also slows you down when you eat.
Fire speeds you up. Red arouses. Red motivates. It can motivate the lazy to start exercising. I recommend red walls in the exercise room.
Red also arouses hunger. This is one of the main Feng Shui reasons for the Chinese restaurants to have a lot of red in their ambiance. Even the carts selling Chinese food are colored red.
There is music that will make diners push away the plate and leave the dining table, and there is music that will slow you down, relax, make conversation and linger on the dining table. A good host or restaurant always encourages more conversation.
Right Feng Shui can help the efforts of a dieting person. It can also contribute to the success of an eating place.

Feng Shui for restaurants and food

Q: My name is Shilpi Shah; date of birth is 5th Jan 1976 born in Madras. I have been facing financial crisis from a long time. I wanted to work and earn properly so that i can handle my children education myself but seeing my position I feel I will not be able to do anything I am quite depressed because of this. My husband is suffering from epilepsy problem. I am full of tension from the day I got married and had never got a chance to live a happy marriage. I m very upset. I want a secured love relationship that last forever and a full fledged career that I earn the best for my children education. I am planning to start brokering in share market from home and I even give tuitions. But I just have one student. Please help me. Thank you.
Shilpi Shah

A: Hello Shilpi, your problems are related to money as well as relationship. If you need Feng Shui help, one will need to take a look at your house or house plan to find out the Feng Shui flaws which can be as varied as the door being in the wrong direction or the toilet being in incorrect position. However, let me assure you, there will not be any need for making civil changes or demolitions. Feng Shui cures are symbolic and yet, effective. You are welcome to consult me professionally.

Feng Shui for career and improving relationships

Q: I am having lot of problems since last 30 years. My father died leaving under huge debt with business incurring losses. With some luck and hard work I paid off the debt. However whenever there is big advantage or opportunity, somehow it keeps on being postponed or keeps on lingering for years and years. My business is facing a threat of being wiped out by big malls coming up in retail business. This worries me a lot as my sons are dependent on it
I also have problems in my relationships personal as well as social.
All these keep me very anxious tense and just not at peace. Please help me.

A: There can be several Feng Shui reasons for your problems. The reasons may even seem unrelated since there might be a connection between the flow of the water in the tap or the hinges of your door! What applies to Shilpi above, applies to you too.

Feng Shui and success in business

Q: I have a tattoo of a fallen angel on my lower back towards the right. Attached is a picture of the tattoo. Could this have any negative effects on me? If so what should I do about it?
D.O.B.-20th Sept 1987
Thank you


A: Hello Rhea, you are on a slippery ground here. But so what, we are all humans with failings. There is no need to do anything except be ready to get up if you have a fall. Fall and rise, both are experiences that enrich one’s life. If you want more from life, Feng Shui promises it.

Feng Shui and a Tattoo

Q: My daughter was a child actress during the 90s. She was paid good money and developed airs about her. We didn’t need the money badly but, honestly, because I was glamour-struck, I had pushed her into this line. I had an ambition to be an actress but couldn’t get a break in my days. The difficulty now is that my daughter, who has grown up into a young lady, has not been successful in films. She has done small roles for TV but even filmmakers who once signed her as a child star are avoiding her. This is causing a lot of frustration in her. I know of another actress, in a similar situation, who consulted you and has been quite successful after Feng Shui changes. She is very successful in the South (Name withheld by the Feng Shui Master). Besides, I too have the desire to become an actress. Please give me some Feng Shui advice. Will the same advice work for both of us? Please don’t disclose my name.
SS (Name withheld on request)

A: Feng Shui advice relates to the surroundings, to your house and will naturally apply to both of you. The lady that you mentioned in your question had indeed consulted me professionally. I do not disclose the names of people who consult me without their permission so I have deleted her name from your question.
Pushing children into films is not a very wise thing. While they might be successful as a child actor or actress, it can be tough when they grow up and this causes a lot of frustration. There are very few who can cope up with this downfall. However, there is no need to lose hope. A Feng Shui Master can visit your premises and suggest the ideal corrections and solutions for resurrecting your daughter’s film career. Feng Shui cures can also be applicable to you. There are several cases when actors begin late.

Feng Shui and success in showbusiness

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