Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep Answers Feng Shui Questions

I have dreams of holding beautiful women in my sleep and get all excited at night, and am restless. Unable to sleep. Get up tired to go to work. It is frustrating me. How can I live a normal life?

You are already living a normal life. Every normal man has this dream! However, if you wish to convert this dream into a reality, you will have to fortify the Marriage & Relationship corner and since you want to have `women`, there will be a need to strengthen the yin part of this corner. I will have to take a look at the floor plan of your house to identify it and suggest the ways to enhance it.

Improving sex life with Feng Shui

I work abroad in Bahrain. My bedroom in Kolkata faces the North-West direction. Everyone says that according to Feng Shui, I cannot stay in that room permanently. It has happened that every time after a short stint in India, I have had to come back abroad. Is there any cure for the same?
Ajay Sehgal

Dear Ajay, while there may be some Feng Shui reason for your predicament it is not possible for me to comment on the door direction without knowing your date of birth. Besides, I will have to take a look at the floor plan of your house to see if there are other flaws. For professional Feng Shui analysis you may write to me directly at md@mohandeep.com.

The door direction and Feng Shui

My name is Sanjay Mahajan, DOB 17-02-70, time 12:01 PM. I'm looking for a change in job and also want to start something of my own. Please guide
New Delhi

You may place something metallic in the yang side of your Career & Opportunities corner. It will activate this area in your life with metal chi’.

Change of job with Feng Shui

I want to win a big lottery, and have a very, very happy and fruitful relationship with my husband


Dear Upasana, bringing Feng Shui changes in your home can bring harmony in your home and as a result, a happy and fruitful relationship with your husband. You may hang a set of Feng Shui coins on the inside of your main door to bring good luck to win a big lottery.

Improving lottery luck with Feng Shui

Dear Sir, I have been happily married for about 6 years. My kua no. is 6 and my husband's kua no is 3. Since last year he is involved with his female colleague. He wants to marry her. He seeks divorce from me. We always shared a very happy life together. I am very tense. I want him back. What should I do? I am very much depressed. Please help me. What should I do? I am so tense that I can even commit suicide. Please take it urgent and help me in this regard. I am waiting for your reply. We have just moved to a new house. Maybe my old house was very unlucky for us. But this new house's main door opens in NE, our bed room in S or little in SW, toilet in SE, kitchen in N, stove's knob faces to E. Please advice me accordingly. Thanks in advance.

I notice that the door is in lui sha (six killing direction) one of the more unlucky directions for your husband! Divorce and remarriage cause trauma to both. I will have to see the floor plan to apply pa kua on it and to give you advice as per Black Hat Sect school of Feng Shui. There can be several Feng Shui reasons for his philandering.

Avoiding a divorce with Feng Shui

Is it a good idea to sleep facing towards sun as in when the sunrises. I can see it or..?? What should I do to concentrate more on studies? My study tables in near the window is that a good idea?

The best thing is to sleep with your head pointed towards your Shengh Chi (Success direction) as it is believed that positive energy comes from your success direction and its way to body is from your head. It is also advisable to sit facing this direction while studying. You can also refer to the current Feng Shui notebook that carries an article about academic success.

Lucky direction to sleep in as per Feng Shui

My DOB is 22 oct 1956 4.10am Amritsar and My Husband's DOB is 1st Aug 1957 4.08am.  We are working together in computer business from last 7yrs.  We want to expand our business and increase profits.  I wrote to you before but did not get any reply. I request you to not to mention my name in the answer.
(Name changed on request)

my brother dateof birth 25.6.76 time of birth 00:45 place meerut u.p. his buisness in computer is not at all running he had invested so much money that there is no way out if this is really true please help and reply. he is in real trouble

My name is Shelly Vasudeva. DOB 12/17/74 and my husband's name is Dharminder Sharma, DOB 2/13/68. We have just opened a business. But all of sudden the business is very low. As a result we are very frustrated because this is our 3rd try in the same business. Please guide us to what can help us in solving our financial problems
new york

Keeping a Laughing Buddha directly opposite the main door can attracts good luck. You can also keep fortunate Feng Shui coins in your cash box, a three legged toad on the floor facing inside as symbolic of wealth being brought in. There are several products available in shops and on web sites which accelerate good fortune in business. However, result oriented effective Feng Shui is not only about these Feng Shui `cures`. In Feng Shui, among scores of things that need to be checked are things like the door direction, placement of cash box, where the boss sits, the production area, the placement of sales staff, where the visitors sit and several other things that affect the fortunes positively/negatively.
A business may not take off because of a heavy marble statue placed in Career corner as Earth, as an element, destroys metal which is ruled by water element or some metal statue, placed in the Money corner that is ruled by Wood may be harming it.
These flaws cannot be noticed by an untrained eye. It is necessary for a Feng Shui Master to visit a premise or to take a close look at the floor plan and some photographs of the interiors to determine the flaws and suggest cures.
Business, for being a success, should also be in harmony with the element of the person running the business.
If any of you wishes to opt for professional consultation, you are welcome. You can also acquire Feng Shui paintings on the same site. Compared to the mass produced Feng Shui products, these paintings are exclusive and therefore more effective.

Increasing business with Feng Shui

Worried about my daughter's marriage. We have been trying to find a match since long, but have found no success.Her DOB-26 August,9.45pm, Jabalpur, India. Extremely tense, her mum.

Dear Saroj, I am sure Feng Shui can be of use to you. Place a Double Happiness Symbol on SW wall to attract good marriage luck. The painting of Moon Energy, available on http://www.fengshuimiracle.com/fengshui_paintings.html has been very effective – as my case studies reveal – to enhance love luck.

Daughter's marriage and Feng Shui

Dear Mr. Mohan, my husband is a businessman. He manufactures 'cylinders' for Generators. He has a small factory. Will you please help me by suggesting that how he can improve his business relations and increase number on customers. He always remains very upset because he is not getting the satisfactory returns to fulfill the needs of the family. I do not know his DOB.

Inderjeet Kaur

Clearly, you need professional Feng Shui consultation. I will have to take a close look at the floor plan of the factory of your husband. In Feng Shui, we audit every premises to detect the flaws and let you know the methods to correct them.

Improving business prospects with Feng Shui

Purchased a mig flat at Kalkaji extension on13.05.85, occupied 30.06.85, got married on 03.10.85 . Wife not compatible from Day 1.
Margherita, Assam

With this extremely limited info, here is a suggestion. Place a Double Happiness Symbol hanging in the Southwest of your bedroom.

Happiness in a marriage and Feng Shui

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