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I have a very happy relationship and I really want to marry him. However there is a problem. He is not very keen on marriage. Maybe I just have to wait but I don't want to wait without doing anything. How can I make him start thinking about marriage by using Feng Shui? My birthday is September 27, 1981, time is 22.20, place is Istanbul, Turkey. His birthday is Feb 12, 1973. I dont know his birth time but the place is Cambridge, UK. Thank you ever so much...
Nuray, London

Place two red candles in the Southwest of your bedroom. Also brighten up this part by placing a bright bulb in this sector. Sleep with your head in Northwest.

Boyfriend doesn't want to marry me - can Feng Shui help?

My husband's name is Sanjay Sarraf, his date of birth is Saturday, July 29, 1967, place of birth is Bhiwani (Mongyer, Bihar), birth time is 3:40 pm. His business is not good. People used him in business like stairs and after some time they kicked him out. For the last three years he is in China but till now he has not had any success. We have already changed flats four times in the last 8 months. The house where we are residing at present has its entry from the south facing north; bathroom is north east, kitchen is south east, bedroom is opposite the bathroom. No income, no business. What to do? Please help us.
Sunita Sarraf, Quangzhou, China


There are ways by which he can climb on the ladder of success but it is important that the feng shui of your house is right. Usually, people short list 3-4 premises and let me chose the best for them. Unfortunately, this house seems inauspicious for your husband as north and south are among his unlucky directions. I would have advised you not to step in this house. Now, you have two choices. Either, shift again in consultation with me or correct the Feng Shui of this house.

My husband's business is not doing well

My kua number is 6 (Aug 28, 1973). My most unlucky direction is South (Ba Gua section for fame & glory).
In my two-storey home, the ground floor has a toilet, garage entrance and laundry room is in the South. On the second floor there is a bedroom in the south which I do not occupy. Is there a way to enhance (or undo the damage to) my fame and glory area through feng shui changes to this sector of my home? Could your paintings help?
Thanks for your advice,

Anu, Ottawa, Canada

Anu, you are right. South is certainly your most unlucky direction and it also is a Fame & Glory direction according to Compass School of Feng Shui. But this problem can be tackled and negativity dissolved. I am sure some of my Feng Shui paintings are relevant to you and can be very effective in the Fame & glory sector. However, before advising you to definitely buy them I’d like to take a look at the floor plan of your house.

How do I get fame and glory with Feng Shui

I am 35 years old and have one son aged 4 years. I am not conceiving despite trying for two years. I have read about a variety of feng shui fertility enhancers. Can you suggest which one is the most powerful or is the most effective? My date of birth is September 5, 1968; Time: 7.15 am; Place: New Delhi.
New Delhi
I have often mentioned my Feng Shui painting of the giant which has shown very good results. You can acquire and place it on the West wall of your bedroom. Also, sleep with your head in South. 

Can Feng Shui help me with conceiving a child?

My date of birth is June 10, 1982; Place: New Delhi, Time: 7:15 am. I think I am quite good but I feel that no one is interested in me. I request you to suggest me some feng shui tips that can help me to find a life  partner. I want my partner to be reasonably rich, good looking and very loving. My friends says feng shui really helps. Please guide me.
New Delhi
Install a bright bulb in the Southwest of your bedroom. Also, sleep with your head in Southwest which is your Marriage and Romance direction.

I need Feng Shui tips to find a life partner

My husband has been trying for job in Ireland for the past two years but he can't get through. Sometimes he doesn't get a visa, sometime there is some domestic problem which holds him back. We have been married for just six months. I am worried for him. We are Indians and work in Botswana, but we want to try for Ireland. So, could you please help us.
Sarika T
Gabrone, Botswana
The point is whether going towards Ireland and work there will be auspicious for your husband. You will be moving from South to West in anti-clock direction. I will need the date of birth of your husband (and yours too) before giving you any guidance. The guidance can continue suggestions about enhancing the Career as well as travel sector.

Can Feng Shui help my husband get a job?

Vikas Sharma, DoB - August 18, 1972,  Place of Birth - Nagaland, Time of birth - 2.20 am. Pa Kua Number 1. Lucky directions: SE, E, S, and N. Unlucky directions: W, NE, NW and SW. Auspicious element is water. Lucky colours are black, white, mint, deep blue, light blue, magenta and indigo. Colours to avoid are yellow, golden, khaki, peach and tan. These were the details you had provided Mr  Mohan Deep. I would like to know the career and wealth corner for Vikas (my husband). Would you please advise what should be done to enhance this corner and what are things that I need to remove from there?
Poonam Sharma
New Delhi, India

Hello Poonam! You had consulted me professionally and I have seen the floor plan of your house again. As the plan is not to the scale it is difficult to know the exact situation. The bedroom of your sister-in-law, for instance, seems 1/8th of the size of the kitchen. The limited info, however, indicates that the Wealth corner of the entire house is incomplete. However, taking your room as a separate entity one can say that the Wealth corner (at point 39) is complete. You may hang a Chinese Emperor’s Sword for progress in this corner. Hang a bamboo wind chime at this point in the ceiling.
The Career corner (of your husband as well as your own) is on the right of point 34. You may keep a bamboo plant here and hang a wind chime (6 rods, silver/metal colour) above it. There may be some clutter in this room which may be removed. Clutter attracts and accumulates negative energy. I also notice that your bed may be directly opposite the door. Sleeping with head/feet towards the door is not considered auspicious. It can cause illness. The Wealth corner of the entire flat is incomplete but before giving you professional advice for this I will need an accurate floor plan. This is very important as money problems can crop up because of this flaw.

How can I enhance the wealth and career corner in Feng Shui?

How do I improve my career prospects and financial conditions by Feng Shui?  I have my own 1BHK Flat in a prestigious project in Pune. This flat faces south, bedroom to east, hall to west and terrace/balcony attached to the hall opens out to north. Kitchen and bedroom are parallel to each other facing east.
Sunil Kumar
Pune, India
Dear Sunil, the information you have provided is very sketchy. However, you may place a water fountain in the North part of your house. Ensure that you don’t keep it in the bedroom. Placing water element in the bedroom is taboo.

How do I improve my career prospects and financial condition with Feng Shui?

Dear Sir, thanks for your wonderful service! My 60 years old father is a businessman and suffering from a big financial crisis since 1990. Now he is under a very big debt. This has started to affect his health now. He thinks he can never rise again. I am worried about him. I don't know his date of birth or year. Could you please tell me a remedy to solve his problems? Which direction should he sleep and how can I know his lucky or unlucky directions? Can we buy some Feng Shui object which is not expensive? (I am not sure he is 60 years old or more). Please help me.
A worried daughter
M, New Delhi

You can acquire a Laughing Buddha and keep it facing the main door. Buddha is known to have brought in a lot of luck to many people.

Paying off a debt with Feng Shui

Dear Mohandeep ji, I want to hang a simple wind chime (with only one bead hanging down). I also want to put money plant inside my house. My kua no is 6 and my husband's kua  no is 3. Where should I hang the wind chime and put that plant so that they give us positive results? Thank you so much.
Sophia, New Delhi

Dear Sophia, Wind chime is used to trigger various corners (including Wealth, Career, Marriage and others) but it is important to ensure that the wind chime is made from the element that is in harmony with the element that rules the relevant corner. If it clashes with the element ruling the corner the result may not be to your liking. You are asking for positive results but that is a very vague term.
I assume that, like most people, you want material gains.
You may hang the wind chime in the Wealth corner. Ensure that the wind chime is not red and it has 6/8 rods. However, I will need more details and the Feng Shui cures will not be limited to wind chimes.
Feng Shui has nothing to do with what is generally called money plant.

Where should I hang the wind chime?

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