Feng Shui Benefits All

Like the proverbial sun and rain, Feng Shui benefits everyone – rich and poor – alike. But then, like everything else in the world, life is never fair. For an industrialist client of mine, the benefits have amounted to several hundreds of millions. And for a small catering service, Feng Shui has brought just enough business to survive successfully and to dream of a flourishing restaurant. I will disclose the name of the business house three months later when the entire deal is `signed, sealed and delivered`. But the other is Sunil Bhavnani’s fast food business at Four Bungalows, called Apple Bees. Though he had started it a year back, business was slack. There were too many people in the same business. A month and a half back, a worried Sunil approached me and sought Feng Shui aids. I won’t go into details of why I gave him an octagonal mirror and the crystal cluster but a few weeks later, he told me, “Feng Shui has certainly benefited me. I get more orders than I ever received before and I am sure my business will thrive.”

Now, I am helping Bhavnani find a business premises that could spell big success for him. This shop, however small, must be just right for him. The door should be in his sheng chi direction, the important corners (Wealth, Relationship, Backing and Opportunities) should be intact and the cash counter must be in the ideal location. The shop should be protected against Sha (negative energy) and attract good fortune (Ch’i). There is no reason for the shop to fail if the basic Feng Shui is right and all the corners have been enhanced.

I met the other client – a Managing Director (Finance & Accounts) of a business house – over a cup of coffee. A Laughing Buddha astride a dragon, placed by me on his desk, greets every visitor. I had suggested the placing of the table in his Sheng chi (Success direction), to get him the best results. Though the décor was expensive, the ceiling of his cabin had artificial beams. I had organized the cure for the negative energies that had been affecting the business for a long time. The cure was a row of bells strung together with a red strip stitched on to a thick cloth. This covered and camouflaged the sharp edges of the beams and nullified the suppressive forces.

My brief was simple: his people wanted to get out of the business smoothly. The company was a giant in its field and had two partners. One was a government owned PSU and the other belonged to this business house, which had become an unwilling partner due to political pressure. These people had been trying to get out without success since the reform began to get out but something always went wrong.

“But within two months of the changes suggested by you, we got this company to buy our stake,” the Managing Director told me. He still hasn’t been able to get over the amazing speed at which everything happened. “I give the credit to your Feng Shui and would like to acknowledge it even in Economic Times. But I can do this only after the formalities are over and this will take another three months.” And there we will have another legend!

P.S. Even as I write this column, I receive two phone calls. The first caller is Faredoon Kasad, an executive in ICICI. He has got the girl of his dreams to say `yes`! Faredoon, located in ICICI’s quarters at Borivali, had been unlucky in love. His relationships were either short lived or one-sided. For reasons not difficult to understand, the girls preferred more successful guys and Faredoon was always the loser. Not any more. Feng Shui has enhanced his marriage luck.
The second caller was Pooja from Yari Road who wanted divorce from her sadistic husband. He wasn’t ready to free her but Feng Shui cure influenced him so much that he agreed for `mutual divorce`!

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