Feng Shui for Cyber Cafes

“You visited my cyber café when I had almost decided to shut the shop, and now I am renovating the café to add 4 more seats. I have added two more connections to make it four.” - Peter.

Four cyber cafes, spread across the countries including USA, Japan, South Africa and India have a hoarding:
Consult renowned Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep.
Click: Http://www.Fengshuimiracle.com 
These hoardings (or notices on the walls of the cafes) are not paid for. The grateful owners of the Cyber cafes have voluntarily done it. This is their way of acknowledging the role Feng Shui played in their success and this not-so-silent publicity attracts more people to our website.
It all started with a cyber café in Mumbai, three years ago.
The man who ran the cyber cafe was Peter Fernandes.
“I started cyber café thinking it to be the business of tomorrow but it is simply not working out. I have arrangement for 6 persons at a time but you will never see more than two persons in my shop. Sometimes, there is just one visitor. Besides, there is fear of law. I’m responsible for the surfers’ behavior. If they visit porn site, or are up to some mischief or up to hacking I get dragged into it. I was thinking of closing it but someone suggested your name. Do you think Feng Shui will help?”
Totally in red, he had incurred losses to the tune of rs 200,000 in less than six months. It may seem small change (just 5,000 US$!) but this was half of his savings and he had quit his job to start cyber café! He also had a small web site he used basically as an affiliate. This site was another drain on his income as he had to keep a web designer.

Feng Shui boosted Cyber Cafe's business

Feng Shui changed everything for Peter! My suggestions included the logo of his business, the design of his home page (color, fonts and lay out) and the décor of the café. This was an unusual case where I saw the kind of flaws I had never seen while giving the regular business consultation and the impact of the flaws was already visible. I scrutinized the computers (in use and disused), monitors, hard disks, keyboard and mouse pieces. The next target was his desk and the cash box, the main door and the toilet.
Six months later Fernandes continued to be in the same business but with a wide grin spread on his face.
“You visited my cyber café when I had almost decided to shut the shop, and now I am renovating the café to add 4 more seats. I have added two more connections to make it four,” he said. “I am grateful.”
He invited me to drop in while on my way to town any day and promised `something of my interest` in his shop.
A week later, while driving past his shop, I met him. He had printed two posters bearing the legend:
Consult renowned Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep.
Earlier, while chatting online to a fellow cyber café owner in USA, he had talked about the `miracle` of Feng Shui!
Whether it is because of the mouth publicity, chats on message boards or due to these hoardings some other cyber cafes have approached me over the last three years and the result is three more cafes pinning / pasting / hanging the legend about my web site. It makes me as happy as my painting hung and helping someone in some distant country.

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with the consent of people mentioned.The picture accompanying the article is only for representational purpose.

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