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Power. Clout. Backing.Patronage.

If the powers be are with you, the world is at your feet. Feng Shui can be used to enhance the power. From little Feng Shui remedies to major changes in the placement of the bosses and the management, everything leads to an improved, success-oriented environment in any business organization.

And when the Power center is enhanced, Feng Shui brings miraculous growth in the business. Like happened to Shruti Birla.

Excerpts from the Diary of the Feng Shui Master


Ambanis' Power and Gas rescue Birla's Units

...But this article is about power: Feng Shui for Power.

Let me first of all say, categorically, that Feng Shui for Power is not meant only for politicians. We all need power. Power gives you us a high.

When the power draws too much attention, rivalry and jealousy ruins your peace of mind. This is perhaps the reason why pragmatic businessmen prefer access to the powerful.

Prashant Birla had several problems in business. Ironically, the problems were similar though his interests were in two different products he produced in two different locations - Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. In Andhra Pradesh, the problems were related to gas and in Navi Mumbai, with the power. "Till these problems are sorted out I cannot grow," he told me.

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He had started his business in Andhra Pradesh hoping to capitalize on the finding of natural gas a couple of years ago but the production has yet to reach him and benefit his business. He thought that, in the meanwhile, his successfully running business in Navi Mumbai would keep him and his partners happy. It didn't. Power cuts affected the production.

I gave him the usual Feng Shui advice to correct and enhance the nine Life Corners. My focus, though, was on Wealth & Good Fortune and Helpful Friends & Backing corner. The world had to help him. The authorities had to be useful.

Months later, Tushar acknowledged that Feng Shui benefited him but he did not go in details. However, later he wrote to me "... my wife has become a source of further power. You must meet her and write about her. She started an NGO and is in the papers..."

His wife Shruti spoke strictly in confidence, but it seems that thanks to the political connections she developed because of her NGO, the power related problems in their Navi Mumbai units were solved. Along with her benefited their neighbouring units too. 

"And, for our units in Andhra Pradesh, gas has been made from Krishna-Godavari basin thanks to Reliance," Shruti concluded.

Days later, on 22nd Sept 2008, India'a leading newspaper The Hindu confirms the story. Here is the link:

RIL starts Oil Production in Krishna-Godavari basin The Hindu

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Note: While the names are changed to protect the identity of my businessmen clients, here are authentic testimonials identifying clients with their permission.


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