Feng Shui for Fame & Glory

 In Feng Shui, when we talk about the Fame & Glory corner it doesn't just relate to movie stars, Presidents and Senators, Ministers and Members of Parliament, singers, artistes and writers. 

It applies to everyone.

To the housekeeper, it ensures recognition of her work. For a student it may mean an award for excellence, and for a marketing executive it may be an appreciation for his contribution to the organization.

I have seen a teacher benefiting as she got an award for the Best Teacher!

It means brand identity to a manufacturer, and an Oscar to a Hollywood actor.

At the same time, negative energy - or bad luck - in the Fame Corner may mean infamy, gossip, scandals a la Charlie Sheen! What a life! 

Charlie has seen the extreme height of fame and glory and has touched the Nadir of infamy in rehab and even as he fought with the team of "Two and a Half Man".

Phoenix can do wonders for him, and I will not be surprised if he was looking for one...





Amitabh Bachchan had just entered politics and had come to attend the adhiveshan of Congress in Mumbai. All India Congress had just completed 100 years and this was a historic occasion. I spotted him sitting in the last row. Bachchan, who belonged to the middle class family of Harvanshrai Bachchan had been taught a lesson in childhood: never go and sit in the front row. Who knows someone may come and ask you to vacate the seat! Always sit in the last row. If you deserve to be in front someone would come and ask you to come and sit in the front row. This advice may be right for the decent, middle class people not in the running for power but it was no use in a field that is full of ruthless and ambitious politicians. Within a year or so, Amitabh was stabbed in the back! People belonging to his very party, Congress, incriminated him in Bofors scandal. He had a downslide in his political career that spread to his films and even business. His films during his second innings bombed and even his effort to exploit his name as a brand (ABCL) failed.



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There was a stage when his bungalow was to be auctioned by the creditors. Yet, Bachchan could rise like a phoenix. A period came when whatever he touched turned to gold. His new avatar as a TV anchor was a super success. So was his return to politics (from backdoor). J. Jayalalitha is now known as J. Jayalalithaa.  Numerology too helps. She added an A to her name and within days began her yatra to success. She also got some changes done in her bungalow. She was acquitted in the court cases and is now eligible to contest elections and the day is not far when she becomes the Chief Minister once again!

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