Pacifying the Grand Duke for a Female Executive

The havoc caused by an angry Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is like the tandava of Lord Shiva! Here, Saram Saat ( the three killings) too was angry. Here is a case study from my files, which (if it could be told officially) could be a cover story for any glossy magazine.
It’s about this glamorous woman who almost ran an entire TV channel till a few days back. Now she was in a mess and wanted me to help her. But most important, she didn’t want her name disclosed in my articles and was very concerned about that.
“Don’t worry.” I assured her. “Whatever transpires between us is going to be total confidential. My lips are sealed forever.”

CEO of a TV Channel

Her problems had started two years back. She was a powerful CEO of a TV channel with powers to give approvals for serials. Therefore she had scores of serial producers chasing her. A nod from her could life bana de of struggling serial producers and they knew it. Her share from the cut she got for approvals ran into several lakhs a year. If the big boss knew about her `arrangement` with the producers he didn’t object. Because he was smitten with her.
“My family life too was happy. My husband Rajesh never objected to my irregular hours and really had full faith in me. I had to compromise but that is a way of life. After all the boss had elevated me to the top. But suddenly a decision was taken and I was shifted to a news-related job. I was told that my salary would remain the same and I would occupy an equally large cabin.
I was shocked. I tried talking to him but his mobile was always switched off and he was always busy in a meeting. The man who had crawled on all fours every evening in front of me suddenly was not available! The writing was on the wall. I was persona non-grata in the channel. I was compelled to leave within less than a week. I thought of consulting you before that. May be you could suggest some Feng Shui changes that might change the tide in my favour. But I wasn’t in a position to make any major changes in my office environments anymore. So, I resigned. Mohanji, you must help me!” she said.

Home life crumbled

It became clear that another younger, more glamorous woman had replaced her. Worse, there was a nasty story in a Hindi rag that hinted at the dirty deeds behind her resignation and a copy had been mailed to her husband! She was scared that other newspapers with a wider circulation would pick up this story. Her home life crumbled. Unable to come to terms with a `liberated` wife, her husband took to the bottle.
She wanted the same power and glory back in her career. She also wanted the love, trust and respect of her husband.
I began the process of change. I advised her to immediately sell her `jinxed` Honda City car. It became clear that her architect, a student from the Academy of Architecture, wasn’t aware of the concept of Saram Saat (The Three Killings) and the Duke of Jupiter. The house had been redone in such a way that she was sitting with her back to Saram Saat. Saram Saat, during 2001 (the year of the Snake) was in the East. Worse, a wall located in the South-South-East of her house had been demolished, thus annoying the Duke of Jupiter. This is a taboo.Tai Sui (the Duke) had to be pacified in four different ways. The impact of the Three Killings (Saram Saat) had to be nullified.
It is an interesting process known to very few, but the results were there for her to see.

Own production house

The enterprising lady got a brainwave to exploit her contacts in the advertising sphere and TV channels. She started her own production house after getting easy approvals and easier sponsorship for DD as well as a major private TV channel. “I am making more money than I was making from my salary and kickbacks when I was a CEO. And I have creative satisfaction too. Besides, in place of taking cuts, kickbacks and commissions, I am giving the bribes. Life has changed for me. And it is a happy change. My husband too understands my requirements so there is no problem there too. And now, I am planning to make a film.”
Caution: The direction of the Grand Duke Jupiter changes every year. He was in the South-South-East in 2001 when this lady became his victim. In 2003, easily aroused and sensitive Tai Sui who can cause havoc in your business, career and home life occupies this direction.
So you should avoid alterations and demolitions in South-South-West this year.

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with the consent of people mentioned.The picture accompanying the article is only for representational purpose.

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