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I am not changing the identity of people in this article. This is appearing with their permission. 

Sumeetha Manikandan, a content writer based in Chennai, acquired the painting of "The Giant" and, in her own words, "After putting up the painting, I underwent a laparoscopy and the doctor told us to wait for three months. I waited, but nothing happened. Then, in the end, I was asked to take hormone treatments to get pregnant. I was not very keen on it but then I agreed. I was asked to take the medicines as soon as my periods came. But as luck would have it, I got pregnant that very month. It seemed too good to be true.

"But all I did was believe in your painting. After nine months, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. We have named her Rakshah after Goddess GarbaRakshambikai (a temple in South India)."

Sumeetha was married for three years, and they had been trying for a baby, without any success. She had undergone many tests and treatments, but nothing was happening. There was a lot of pressure from her home, her in-laws, and they were getting scared. The funny thing was that there was nothing wrong with them physically, but for some reason Sumeetha was not conceiving.


My US based Indian friend-client, Sangeeta Nagaraju Nukala has sent me some lovely pictures of her new born baby boy who, on my suggestion, has been named Chanakaya. Hopefully, he will be as powerful, as scholarly as this scholar-sage of 3rd-4th century. Also known as Kautilya, author of Artha Shastra, an ancient text on administration of Government and Economics, he was Chandragupta Maurya's prime minister. I have often suspected that Chanakya and Vatsyayana, who too lived during the same period and wrote Kama Sutra, were one and the same as the style and language of the two is quite similar but I will not elaborate as this can attract the wrath of Hindutva elements.
To return to the child birth, I get many questions seeking Feng Shui help in conceiving. My answer is one and the same: my painting of the Giant. This is the painting of Cerne Abbas Giant. The giant generally represents the Greek-Roman God Helith or Hercules and is located in UK's Dorchester. This huge and impressive giant figure is formed by a trench 0.3m (1ft) wide and the same depth, cut into the underlying chalk. He is 55m (180ft) long and 51m (167ft) wide, and his right hand holds an enormous knobbed club 36.5m (120ft) long. His most famous and prominent feature is the erect phallus and testicles, which indicate that fertility rites were practiced here.

Lucky for conceiving

Couples would spend a night in the trench and the women would conceive. On the 1st May, maypole dancing and other celebrations were held in the earth enclosure known as the Frying Pan, situated a little further up the hill, above the giant's left arm.
The legend is that even the barren women would conceive soon after sleeping on the Giant's body, while young women wishing to keep their lovers faithful would walk around the figure thrice.
What is extremely interesting is that, according to Census 2000 results, according to a presentation by Ms Andrea Pietras, the staff planner for the COG (Council of Government) of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester, Dorechester has the highest growth rate!
Feng Shui is all about symbolism, energizing and impact. I have painted Cerne Abbas and energized it for the best results. The Giant has turned out to be very effective for fertility and have seen it performing very effectively; at a success rate of 95 percent.
The Giant comes along with the instructions about placements and a traditional guidance about the days (or nights) the couple may make love. Even otherwise, the way Feng Shui has shown magical results is a justification for naming my web site Fengshuimiracle. Yes, it is miraculous.

Actress heads a news channel

This makes a juicy gossip story.
This Punjabi lady, originally from Chandigarh, is number two in a news channel and has become more devoted to Feng Shui, Dragon, Laughing Buddha, positive energy and all things Feng Shui than Ekta Kapoor, the big boss of Balaji Films is of numerology, Feng Shui, crystals and what not. Ekta is the daughter of my friend Jeetendra (yesteryear Indian actor who was unusually successful despite being a limited actor) and she has become one woman industry as far as the TV serials are concerned and everyone who is in TV business seems jealous of her success.
But this one is a different, more glamorous woman.
Till the other day she could be described as an out of work actress with a failed marriage (or is it two?) behind her but today she happens to be one of the more powerful women executives in the world of Indian TV.
I remember the sensation I felt as soon as I entered her home. Though the feeling can be described as presence of `negative energy` it indicated much worse; an atmosphere marred by violent fights, unending tears and depression.
Feng Shui did help.
I have not talked to her about the `how` part but this much is sure that she has no qualifications to handle what is a very responsible job. This all happened after she incorporated the Feng Shui changes.
Gossip connects this girl from Chandigarh with her boss -a Delhiwala friend of mine - and with some biggies. Sure, she has compromised but that is a way of life for most in show business or, for that matter, in the world. She has been lucky that she is with the right guys and not those who make promises that they cannot keep.
The questions of ethic do arise in my mind when I see that her arrival on the scene may break the marriage of her boss but the bottom line is that she is HAPPY. I wouldn't like to be judgmental.

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with the consent of people mentioned.The picture accompanying the article is only for representational purpose.

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