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Most of the times when a woman approaches me for Feng Shui consultation – I’ll say an Indian (or lets say an Asian) woman – her concern is not about herself! Though there is a class of career-oriented women or girls wanting to get married or wanting to conceive for most it is always `my husband` or `my son`…
This was the way my first conversation with Sunita Parekha moved.
“Sir, I am Sunita Parekh.I need your Feng Shui advice desperately. I have many problems in life and I am sure Feng Shui can bring the desired changes in my life,” she said.

Son's education 

“I was a happy child, always loved by my parents who always encouraged me. I was a very good student and did software engineering. I got married to a very nice human being. My husband has a very good job in an American company. I gave up my career after the birth of my son. I am a housewife today. My son is 7 years. I have two major problems though on the surface everything looks okay in our upper middle class family. We have two cars and most of the necessities or luxuries. My husband is not happy with the present job as there is no scope for any further rise. He wants something much better. This affects his mood. He works for long hours and is always tense and worried. Another problem is my son. He just cannot concentrate. He is very intelligent and often shows glimpses of a genius child but TV, computer games and other diversions affect his studies. I am worried about his future.”
I remember another mother who used almost the same words for her son appearing for ICSE. In fact, whether the children are six or sixteen or for that matter twenty one, the mothers always find them inattentive and easily distracted.
To return to Sunita, I focus on two sectors: Career & Opportunities corner and Knowledge corner.

Dead end

I noticed a painting of an old man sitting dejectedly on a bench. Near him was a road with a dead-end. Ironically, it was placed in the Career & Opportunities corner of their house. Could this be causing the problem in her husband’s career?
I suggested replacing it with one of my Feng Shui paintings - the Peak . I also noticed that his desk was placed in such a way that he would be sitting in his chueh ming (total loss direction). This had to be changed so that he started sitting facing his sheng chi (Success direction). Athena's Owl (Talisman for Education) would be the best Feng Shui remedy for this. Along with these were my regular suggestions to correct the Feng Shui of their house.

It will be interesting to note that her son, while studying, was facing his wu kwei (five ghosts direction). It had to be re-organized. I ear marked the part where her son should study and also ensured that he would sit facing his Sheng Chi.
The results:
Though the husband remains in the same company, the company has expanded and besides getting a better pay packet his designation too has been changed. He also has more people working under him.

"Papu pass ho gaya!"

Talisman for Education - Athena's Owl

Talisman for Education (Athena's Owl)

For her son she gladly informed me, “Papu cleared his fourth standard examination as a ranker. He got fourth rank. This had never happened all these years. He would always trail behind, sometimes passing with difficulties. During this vacation he has agreed to join coaching classes. His aim is to be a topper.”
Her happy laughter continued ringing in my ears much after she ended the conversation never once thinking of what Feng Shui could do for her career.

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with the consent of people mentioned.The picture accompanying the article is only for representational purpose.

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