Where should I place the Laughing Buddha?

Dear Mohan Deep,

Recently I happened to read your article of fengshui in the Hindustan Times. I have some doubts. Recently we bought some fengshui products like laughing Buddha, three legged Todd, dragon turtle and lucky bamboo. the shop keeper told us that there is no specific place to keep the Buddha ( we bought the set of 5 pieces). but my friend told me that it is good to keep them facing to your main door. is that true?. and the Todd and turtle we have kept on the top of  TV with frog facing inside and both with coins. what more we need to keep in our house.
my DOB is may 8th 1971. time- 11.45 PM
my husband's DOB is 23 rd may 1962 11.35 PM.
my husband is having some difficulties in his current job. what should we do to clear this.
waiting for your reply.

lakshmi Muscat.

Dear Lakshmi, the shopkeeper was obviously ignorant. Your friend is right when he says that Laughing Buddha should be facing the door. It can also be placed diagonally opposite the door. Three legged toad, besides facing inside, should be preferably on the floor near the door, like it has come in. The coin in its mouth symbolizes the wealth it has brought in. The turtle must face southwest to counter the havoc caused by Tai Sui (Grad Duke of Jupitor) located in this direction during this year of monkey. As for more Feng Shui products, I suggest you can click on Http://www.fengshuimiracle.com and chose one of the many paintings available online. Detailed directions about where to place these paintings are also mentioned on the site.

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