How to attract good luck

Prologue: In the last part of this column, I narrated the interesting success story of Rajesh Zaveri. That reminded me of the success story of a very attractive Zoroastrian lady Mahrookh Govadia, another addition to the growing list of similar stories. I have included it now. Every time I add a new success story, I touch wood. The growth of these authentic stories of real people, with their photographs, is a testimonial to the increasing impact and popularity of Feng Shui all over the world.

I attribute this popularity to the basic need of humans to grow, their ambitions, their desires. Thousands of people want an answer to the oft-asked question:

How to attract good luck?

I often get mail from people who are depressed, frustrated, angry, sad, unhappy or lonely. They feel worse as they sit in front of their TV sets, alone in their loneliness or lonely even in the company of others in the same boat. Yes, one can be lonely even in crowds. It is also an irony that big cities, whether Mumbai or New York, London or Tokyo, where opportunities from ‘venture capitalists’ and head hunters chase people, millions believe that they are unlucky, and want to attract good luck.

Here are some excerpts from letters and e-mails I have received over the years from the people who, with the help of Feng Shui, became happy.

“I was very sure that I would be promoted. I have the drive and I have shown results. My boss also seemed happy with my output, had given me a good report and yet, I lost the race. The only explanation is bad luck.”

“I lost a major assignment once again. This is the third time this year. This time it was because my cell was 'Not reachable' one entire day as I was in Alibaug. No one called me for an entire month I was eagerly waiting but when I took a break for just one day, I was in a place where there was no network. What do I call it? I need a dose of good luck very badly.”

“I have a well paying-job and I have a good salary. Yet, I am always broke. My bank balance is negative and I go into depression when I receive my credit card statement. Most of the time I just pay the ‘minimum amount due’ and sometimes even that is not possible, and my problems are compounded with interest and penalties for late payment. I believe in ‘live for today, tomorrow will take care of itself’. I enjoy life, but in the back of my mind is the niggling fear of an uncertain future. I don’t want to change my lifestyle. I cherish my car (On installments), I love drinking with buddies on weekends and I have girlfriends. Plural. I want to win money in lotto or become rich suddenly. Maybe some rich uncle will die and leave me a fortune? I have heard of Wealth Luck. I want to know how to attract this Wealth Luck?”

“... and the cup slipped before reaching my lips.”

“I am 35 and single! I am considered very beautiful, even if I say so myself, but I have always been unlucky in love. All my friends are married and most of them are happy. I have married twice but, both the times, it did not work out. I first got married when I was 23 years old. It was a love marriage but it did not last. He was an alcoholic and used to get terribly violent. I could not take it any more. The second person was a liar. He was already married but hid the fact from me. I seem to attract the wrong kind of male attention. I am looking for Mr Right, but where is he?”

The common refrain in all these letters is: How do I attract good luck?
Wealth Luck. Luck in Career. Luck in Love & Marriage.

Happily luck can be enhanced and the secrets of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese science of geomancy, once restricted to the royal families, has reached the public domain. This is the boon of the information age.

Today everyone is doing it everywhere. Before stepping into a new house, in fact, even before buying it, people come to us to check the luck quotient of the premises and to boost it with the right Feng Shui.

Be Positive, feel Lucky and Use Feng Shui

In fact, good luck starts flowing in the moment you start believing. You start by being positive, believing in the rediscovered ancient system and trying one of the many Feng Shui tools to attract good luck in your life.

Get rid of the baggage of negative energy by getting rid of needless junk around you, whether in your home, on your work desk in your office or in your shop. I remember a case where throwing a pair of shoes, into a flowing river, from the unsold stock of his earlier business, as advised by me, changed Haresh Gandhi’s fortunes. Within less than a week, he got an order for the entire stock of unsold shoes which, besides bringing some much-needed money, created space for his new business. Today, he is a successful and happy businessperson.

Though it is advisable to consult a Feng Shui professional, often a little gesture like hanging a wind chime in the Marriage and Relationship corner can attract good luck in love. I have seen it happening. You will notice positive signals even with a little self-styled Feng Shui and you will find yourself responding to them. Love has unexpectedly bloomed, transforming the mundane life of a common man to an exciting romantic story.

The side effects of Feng Shui

Along with Feng Shui remedies like wind chimes and crystals, is the potent use of the elements. But these elements have to be used carefully. An ordinary waterfall can be a very powerful tool, attracting wealth, but can virtually damage marriages and partnerships if placed incorrectly. An incorrectly placed waterfall may even damage a business, and the wealth may flow away. I describe these as the side effects of Feng Shui. Water, Fire, Wood, Earth and Metal…the five elements can attract good luck if placed in the right directions and disaster if wrongly placed.

A success story

Unlike the excerpts I have quoted above, what follows is a part of one of my success stories, from an email I received from Rajesh Mehta over a year ago.

“…I work hard and am very enterprising, and yet, I have always failed in business. I lose money in whatever business I start. I was in the event management but lost heavily. Then, I was a partner in a call center in Mumbai. This was a sure winner, what with so many foreign companies outsourcing to India, but we had to fold because of several problems. I failed in the catering business too. I guess I am very unlucky. My father expired four years ago. He left behind two apartments and a shop. If I had just given out the shop and one of the apartments on rent, I would have been happy. I would have got a regular income and the value of my property would have increased. But due to business losses, I had to sell one of the apartments and that too, at the wrong time. Had I been able to hold out for a year more, the value of this property would have risen by 50 percent but I sold it at the wrong time. It seems that Dame Fortune is not happy with me. How do I make her happy?”

One look at Mehta’s shop explained everything.

Before I could say anything, he said, “I have been advised that the shop is jinxed. Someone told me that there is no solution except to sell it.”

“In Feng Shui, solutions are always there. Don’t worry, you will not have to sell it.” I told him categorically. He was relieved and meticulously implemented all my suggestions.

Soon, his door was in his lucky direction. His monitor too was now in a direction fortunate for him and almost all the other Feng Shui flaws were remedied as he acquired the paintings I suggested and hung them on the walls.

The results were dramatic.

In the words of Rajesh Mehta, “Last year, I sold one of my two apartments to repay the loans after suffering losses in my call center. The apartment which I sold got me Rs. 55 lakhs (about US $140,000) and after repaying my debts, something like Rs 30 lakhs, I invested around Rs 20 lakhs in the stock market. This amount was growing along with the graph of the market. It had almost doubled. I was a little jittery. I was scared that the stock may fall. Maybe because I had burnt my fingers in business, I was a little cautious. I was reading a book by Harold Robbins. Peter, one of the protagonists of this book, is a film producer. Every time he produces a film, it is bigger than his last film and he borrows money. Of course, this happens to all the people in show business but Peter decides to repay all his debts for one night of peaceful sleep. He will borrow again, but he wants just one night without worries.

“I was inspired. I thought of selling all the stocks for sometime, to book the profits. I remember it was the third week of January. I sold the entire stock during this week. My Rs 20 lakhs had grown into Rs 42 lakhs.

“The Monday that followed this week turned out to be a Black Monday. The market fell by 1400 points! I have remained out of the market and have thanked Feng Shui every time the market has fallen. This has happened half a dozen times bringing it from 21000 points to 16000 and even lower!” Rajesh told me. “This certainly is a success story but I am sure there will be many more chapters to this story in future. I will keep you posted.”

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