Yin-Yang symbolizes the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work.
The round exterior represents the totality and the black and white forms within the circle represent the two energies. The negative is called yin (black) and the positive is called yang (white). However, yin may not be negative and yang may not be positive. Yin is a necessity where it is absent and Yang is a requirement where it is not present to complete the harmony.
One can not exit without the other.
Yin would be dark, passive, cold, shrinking, peaceful and weak; yang would be bright, active, hot, growing, noisy and strong. Yang may be visible in the maleness, the Yin may appear in the femaleness – opposites and yet, completing each other.
The forms of the yin and yang create sense of the endlessness: yin to yang and yang to yin.
In the oriental philosophy, Yin and Yang – seemingly two opposites – complete the universe, run it. Yin and Yang have a cyclical concept and the phenomenon is an endless cycle of reversal. Yin has, within it, the seed of Yang and the Yang contains some Yin in it. The sickness has the seeds of health and the health contains the seeds of sickness, the man has a woman inside and the woman has a man within…
This is `presence in absence`, victory in defeat and defeat in victory…
The theory of Yin and Yang is applied even in analyzing the sickness, as per the orient.
The theory finds an elaborate voice in the classic of medicine written by the mythical Yellow Emperor. He said that, ''The principle of Yin and Yang is the basis of the entire universe. It underscores everything in creation. It brings about the growth of parenthood; it is the root and source of life.
"Heaven was created by the force of Yang and the earth was caused by the opposing force of the Yin, the forces of darkness.
“Water is an incarnation of Yin as fire is a personification of Yang. Yang produces the air, while Yin creates the senses, which belong to the physical body. When the physical body dies, the spirit is restored to its natural environment. The spirit receives its nourishment through the air, and the body receives its nourishment through the senses.
"If Yang is powerful, then Yin may be frail. If Yin is potent, then Yang will, in all probablities be ineffective. If the male force is overwhelming, then there will be excessive heat. If the female force is overwhelming, then there will be excessive cold. Thus, when severe pain occurs first and swelling comes on later, one may infer that a disharmony in the spirit has done harm to the body. Likewise, when swelling appears first and severe pain is felt later on, one can say that a dysfunction in the body has injured the spirit....
"…The emotions of extreme joy and uncontrolled anger, both, are injurious to the soul just as cold and heat are injurious to the body. Anger consumes Yin; violent joy erodes Yang. When happiness and anger are not in control, then cold and heat exceed all measure, and life is no longer secure. Yin and Yang should be respected to an equal extent.”
This Yin and Yang has been extended in Feng Shui, in the harmony of the elements. Water (Yin) and Fire (Yang) without the presence of the other elements, in their extremes, are as injurious to the environment as the joy and anger without the controlling factors of the other elements. The way reason controls these emotions, the presence of the Wood or Earth increases the fire or decreases the force of Water, respectively, effectively reducing the clash between the two elements.

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Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with the consent of people mentioned.The picture accompanying the article is only for representational purpose.

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