Feng Shui for Health

Health for an individual is the most important, and also most neglected in the hectic life. Feng Shui is an art of harmony of elements, colors, priorities and everything else around us. A balanced Feng Shui, where Yin balances Yang ensures a good health. The element for Health is Earth, and is supported by Fire. Mrs Mehta was falling ill frequently. Most often it would be cold that would last for a fortnight and recur within a week. Sometimes it would be rashes and itching on her skin. When she asked for Feng Shui consultation her priorities were her husband's job (it was uncertain) and her son's education (he was negligent) and money problems.

Complete Feng Shui ensured stability in her husband's career and a dramatic change in her son's attitude. Money problem solved itself. More important, her health improved. Her cold was gone and her itching disappeared. Reiki analysis showed that her illness was connected with her emotions. What is physical health in a home is structural health in a business house. Complete Feng Shui of a business house, a plant, a shop or a hotel ensures a solid infrastructure.

Though Feng Shui is not a healing science and no Feng Shui Master worth his salt will suggest placing a wind chime or crystal ball to cure a head ache (in fact, a large crystal placed close to someone not used to it can suffer from head aches!), Feng Shui of surroundings certainly has a role to play in the health of people. To put it simply, the harmony of elements and the positive energy (called Chi' or cosmic Qi) is important for good health. It has a direct relationship with the fungus and bacteria in the air.
The percentage of Chi' has a direct relationship with the percentage of fungus and bacteria. People operating from `sick buildings` or `sick apartments`, usually, suffer from fatigue, do not feel motivated, lack enthusiasm and as a result are failure in life. The students cannot concentrate and cannot focus. If a person with a high energy level spent a night on a bed in a `sick house` he will get up drained and find his energy level low.

Besides bring the elements in harmony and opening the doors to attract Chi' and to retain it in the house, one can use Earth element to enhance the Health Luck. Earth is the ruling element of Health corner and placing it on a wall facing the T'ien yi ensures good health.

For good health, the Feng Shui Way
Get Feng Shui advice from Feng Shui Master MOHAN DEEP.

The Master can be commissioned to visit your house or office premises. In case, a personal visit isn't possible, you can consult him by sending him the required details (like plan of the house) by e-mail or post.

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