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This is typical case of two secretaries – Lara and Ayesha - working for one employer that reminded me of a Mumbai builder who used to have two secretaries; one who couldn’t type but was glamorous and the other, who was the backbone of his office.

Secretary you can rely on


To return to Lara, she is gorgeous and loved to socialize. The other, Ayesha, is brilliant and ran the office efficiently. Harkishan Desai who owns the business was totally dependent on Ayesha, and Ayesha was certainly dependable. 
Even on a Sunday afternoon Desai would press 1 on his mobile – he had placed her as number 1 on his speed dial list – and get the answer to any question. Ayesha never failed. He jokingly referred to her as `Miss Computer`. His wife Madhuri would often say, though without malice as she knew better, that Ayesha was his second wife! 
Madhuri didn’t worry as she had seen Ayesha who, though attractive, was no match for a stunning Madhuri.
Madhuri may have secretly worried about Lara but never showed it!
Lara was the secretary who couldn’t type! 
Unlike others in the office who arrived at 10 am, Lara would saunter in when the clock would strike 12 pm. Worse, Ayesha who knew the salaries of the entire staff of 40 odd employees, didn’t know the salary Lara drew. She suspected that it was much more than she was being paid. Lara’s life style proved it.
“Boss needs Lara for public relations,” Ayesha said and, more or less, knew what the score was. Lara would often accompany Desai when he visited some politician or bureaucrat and would stay back to get some tender passed or to get a nod for some project.



Sexy secretary


Ayesha’s consolation was that Lara was the sixth such secretaries during the 10 years that she had completed here. 
“Yet, I am jealous. I feel that I’m not being appreciated. I run the whole office but I suspect that I don’t get half the salary Lara gets! Besides, the car the company has provided me is Santro and I drive it to the office. Lara has a chauffeur driven Honda Accord!” Ayesha told me. She wanted more importance, more salary and better perks than Lara or whoever replaced Lara after few months. 
I tried to console her that she was better off as she was but it was no use. Few probing questions established what I suspected. Ayesha’s dedication to work stemmed from her silent love for Desai. She was bitter that between a stunning beauty as his wife and a secretary who couldn’t type, she had no chance. This was the first time that someone had come to me with such a situation and I liked the changed requirement from Feng Shui. It was more complex as Ayesha herself didn’t know what she wanted from life?
Less than a month back, on a Sunday, I visited her house.

Negative energy


She lived alone. The relationship between her and her parents were strained. This was a little unusual. The negative energy that hit me showed how frustrated she was with life. I have always noticed that long term illness, frustration, angry quarrels and bouts of crying produces negative energy. 
I noticed a large, dusty travel bag above her wardrobe. The bag was black. Her purse too was black. Black was her favourite color. Nothing wrong with it, if you like black! But black in the bedroom is as bad as blue. Worse, the curtain and bed sheets were blue. Both represent water. And, like I have always written, water in the bedroom brings tears in the relationship corner. 
There were many other flaws that afflicted the relationship sector. I always audit any premises using different schools of Feng Shui in my search for the most apt solution. 
“Mr Mohan Deep, I will do anything to better my lot. Give me whatever you suggest…the Greedy Dragon or the painting of the Phoenix and Dragon or whatever else…I want my life to change,” she again said.
The consultation complete, she got the Feng Shui products and an acrylic collected from my office. 
In less than 4 weeks I got a call from Ayesha. It was rather early to see the results of Feng Shui. I thought she would be impatient for the change. But this was good news. Ayesha sounded very happy. 
“Mr Mohan Deep, Feng Shui is working! I must tell you it has worked very well,” she said and lowering her voice, continued, “He is in love with me! I do not know how it happened. It had never happened during the ten years I have worked for him. It happened last week when I was delayed at the office. There was extra work. It was nothing new. It had happened before too. For the first time in ten years holding my hand he said Ayesha you are so beautiful that I cannot resist any more. I love you. I want you in my arms and he took me in his arms. It has started. Life is so beautiful.”

Life is beautiful: Ayesha


She talked for over an hour, sometimes repeating and giving more details.
I do not sit in judgment as I believe in free will.
I do not know what will happen to Ayesha now. Whether Desai, already married, will offer her marriage or this will be a brief relationship or, more likely, continue the affair. I hope to write about it when it happens. As of today, Ayesha is a more favored secretary. Besides the rise, she is soon getting a Honda Accord. 
Only one question remained.
Why didn’t Desai express his feeling during the ten years?
Desai’s explanation is that he was scared of losing a competent secretary. Ayesha simply is irreplaceable!

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. I have blurred the picture to avoid identification.

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