Feng Shui for Sex

The online poll of 1,941 adults, two-thirds of whom were women, has thrown up some startling facts:

Almost half (45%) "rarely" or "never" instigate sex, and as they get older, their sexual expectations are hugely diminished. One in two over-55s has virtually given up on having any sex life. A quarter of women aged between 25 and 34 say they find it hard to get aroused even though they find their partner attractive. Men say they would consider separation after six months of no sex, with a quarter considering an affair. Sadly for men, 25% have their sexual advances turned down 50% of the time. And one in ten 45- to-54 year old males is being sexually rejected every time. And yet, both genders overwhelmingly agree that sex is something wonderful to be enjoyed by men and women and an indication of a healthy relationship (92%).
Not so, if you trigger the Marriage & Relationship corner of your house.

Whether you are a woman trapped in a tedious marriage with a man living a mundane existence, leaving the house in the morning to return exhausted or drunk, late in the evening or you are a man bored with the monotony of marriage, Feng Shui can bring the passion back in your life. And, if your husband or wife is having an affair, Feng Shui helps. I have seen it happening again and again. Yet, there is en element of surprise every time Feng Shui brings changes and transforms the lives of people.


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The Don Juan and Casanova Syndrome: When you want to have a string of affairs

Ranjan S, a middle level executive located in Kandivili, one of the western suburbs in Mumbai, benefitted tremendously with a few changes. He was a dreamer and always identified himself with Casanova. Giacomo Casanova, known for his legendary love affairs, died in 1798 but the desire to have as many women as possible has always remained firmly implanted in the brains of millions of men. Ranjan was one of them. Dreams and fantasies, he did have, but the reality was different. Trapped in a marriage arranged by his parents and having fathered two children, he didn’t have too many opportunities. He didn’t mention his desires in the presence of his wife, while they consulted me for a regular Feng Shui. He talked of his career, children’s education, harmony in the house and never-ending money problems. As he came to see me off, he talked of his dreams and fantasies.

The changes began as he got a promotion and a transfer. The transfer brought him in close contact with some women and he informs me that, though not exactly like Casanova, he has his share of romances now. Ranjan doesn’t elaborate but he assured me that there was no trouble on the home front, either.

Female Casanova: The Man-Eater

In another case, in Vapi, Gujarat, India, Feng Shui changed the life of Kokila (name changed for protection), a married Gujarati woman. Married to a man who was 12 years older than her, Kokila had a bad marriage. The age gap which didn’t seem significant initially, widened when she turned 40. Himanshu, her husband, headed the accounts department of a manufacturer of corrugated products. Sometimes, due to work and at other times drinking with friends till the late hours, Himanshu would often be home late and too tired.

“Vapi has prohibition, but barely a km away, Daman has many restaurants and bars. There is no prohibition in Daman. Our people simply walk across, drink to their heart’s content and return. My life is miserable. I’m alone all day.” Kokila told me.
She would spend her time with her neighbours, chat on her mobile to her married sister for long hours or simply switch on the TV. “I am going mad,” she told me desperately. She was candid enough to confess that she had had a brief affair with the husband of a friend. But it didn’t last long.

“My friend became suspicious within less than a week and, I suspect, chided her husband. Now, whenever I bump into them, he looks the other way,” Kokila said. There was another brief affair too, but even that didn’t last. “I want Himanshu. The real problem is his long working hours and alcoholism. I also want to work, even if from home.”

Feng Shui worked like magic for her, at two levels.

Miraculously, a cousin of hers offered her a ready business, of tailoring night dresses. He had ready customers but had developed a serious dispute with his supplier. This work could start with just two sewing machines, which were placed in their garage.

“One of the tailors is my boyfriend now. He is so good looking!” Kokila told me with a candid grin. Possibly, she is on the verge of becoming a female Casanova, a man-eater.

A little later, Kokila sent me an e-mail that Himanshu had a mild heart attack and he has sworn off alcohol!
As usual, I am non-judgmental about the sex lives of people…so long as Ranjans and Kokilas of this world are happy.

May-December Romances: When you fall for someone much younger than yourself…

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening. Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. May-December romances, where the age difference is as much as 35 years, are not a strange phenomenon.
Indian super star, a 64-year-old Amitabh Bachchan, has signed up for the role of a 54-year-old married man intensely reciprocating the affections of a girl his daughter's age, 36 years his junior. 'Nishabd' (Wordless) is the Bollywood version of Vladimir Nabokov’s timeless novel `Lolita`. Jia Khan will play Bachchan’s love interest. Director Ram Gopal Varma says that age has nothing to do with love. Attraction between two people can exist, irrespective of age. While Nabokov’s novel is about a 44-year-old man fantasizing about a 14-year-old, Varma’s `Nishabd` is a passionate love story.

Seeing the kind of influence Amitabh Bachchan has had on people, and seeing that TV channels have already started showing such stories sympathetically, indications are that, as the release date comes closer, romances between older men and younger girls will be the trend.

It is the same for romance between older women and younger men. Feng Shui for sex can be as good for older people as for the young. Love knows no barriers. Love can happen any time, anywhere, with anyone. Just let go. Triggering the Marriage & Relationship corner with passion and Yang energy in focus can cause the miracle.

Guilt-free sex

I have always advocated guilt free sex…and that is because, behind the mask we all wear, we are the same flawed creatures, human beings with regular weaknesses. And we are in good company, whatever we do, whatever our preferences, whatever our styles.

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with the consent of people mentioned.The picture accompanying the article is only for representational purpose.

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Note: Names have been changed to protect the identities.

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