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I have often written about the moon energy and its impact on our love life and marriage luck, and have briefly taught some enthusiasts in October last year. I again propose to teach the secret mystical method but before that, here is the story of Maithli.
Maithli was among the first batch of girls who learned the method to garner Moon Energy a little before the last Sharad Poornima. She was thirty-three and single. Maithli had a good executive job in a major financial organization and had been growing in her career. “I have no worry about my career. I have a good job and have proven myself in various departments while doing the field duty. I could even recover loans that were considered `bad debts` and were to be written off by my persistence and the management has appreciated this. My problem is that if a suitable match is found for me his earnings or position is considerably lower. This would cause problems in marriage. I want to look up to my man. Everything is happening in my life but not marriage.”
In fact, she almost got married to a guy but was saved from a disaster when she learned that he was married!
The way the Moon Energy worked for Maithli is amazing.
Her faith in the mysterious method of gathering the lunar power was scary. What if it didn' t work for her?
She insisted on acquiring one of my oil paintings (Moon Energy) and hung it in her bedroom at the spot I marked with my red marker. (Red I always consider fortunate for love and marriage.) In less than a week she was posted to the banking division of this organization as the manager went on leave. This seemed a purely routine and purely temporary transfer as she retained the earlier charge. While on this desk she came in touch with the Chief Executive Officer of successful Software Company based in Parel. Perhaps not willing to trust anyone else with the huge cheques he was making online, this `always in hurry` CEO would often visit the bank while on his way to his office. He was everything she could dream of - handsome, successful and caring. Their love story grew over cups of coffee in Barista and Coffee Day and quickly climaxed into marriage during this `marriage season`.
Last year, a fortnight before Sharad Poornima, I conducted the crash course about harnessing moon energy to bring love luck in one' s life. This year, months before the forthcoming Sharad Poornima I' m starting batches to teach the mystical method to use lunar energy in combination with crystals and mirror to enhance love luck.
The one-day course will begin on the New Moon Day (17th July 2004). Basically, it is to boost your love luck, to attract love in your life, to bring harmony in marriage and to improve sex life. Needless to say, Feng Shui for love and marriage will be a part of this course.
The venue will be my office located at 661 Shantivan, New Link Road, Oshiwara, Andheri, Mumbai 400053, India.
While only those located in Mumbai can take the advantage of this course, I am also making it available to the surfers. For details they can write to moonenergy@fengshuimiracle.com.

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