Gay Romance & Feng Shui

The anonymity of the 'net brings me in touch with this section of people who usually hesitate before disclosing their sexual preferences. Like one has solicited Feng Shui help last week but has ended with the following statement:

To activate gay luck

Is there any other way to activate gay romance luck? I do not mean to be offensive to you by asking for such an advice, but i really wish you can tell me what to do. If it is really uncomfortable for you to think about such matters, it is alright if you do not wish to advice me on this part. This rather defensive, slightly apologetic, comment is needless as far as I'm concerned. It matters little whether you write with right hand or the left! Feng Shui ways to activate gay romance luck are interesting and somewhat more creative. There are several factors involved. It is important to locate the Marriage & Romance corner, the exact spot in this corner and also the right objects to trigger this corner for a homosexual. It is the same for the lesbians if they wish to trigger their same sex romance luck.
Feng Shui has successfully triggered the luck for a gay client of mine, and how!
The Marriage & Romance corner for this person was in Southeast as per Black Hat Sect School, that I prefer. So, I didn't use the regular methods to enhance this area. Instead, I experimented with colors, forms, crystals, elements, wind chimes and symbolism. Water could work against his marriage luck! The Metal in this sector could cause havoc in Wealth sector!! It required a delicate balance of the elements. It could be achieved as we were doing the décor.

Astonishing results

The results have been astonishing.
He came in touch with another gay while attending a seminar. They fell in love. In less than two months they are partners running an advertising business! Besides becoming richer in the relationship area, the money situation too has changed for my client. Empowering only one part of his house triggered two sectors: Romance and Riches.
Another guy, a script-writer, got a major break in the camp of a gay biggie in Bollywood after I incorporated Feng Shui changes in his Romance sector. If once there were Bengali, Punjabi, Sindhi, and Khan Lobbies now there is a gay lobby in Bollywood. Here, other things being equal, gays prefer to have gays associating with them in this `comfort zone`.

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with the consent of people mentioned.The picture accompanying the article is only for representational purpose.

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