Liz ran away with her lover, stealing husband's money.

I have always found Americans to be more pragmatic in approach. This is perhaps why they adapted Hare Rama movement from India , Indian god-men including Osho and now the ancient Science of Feng Shui. I think of the Americans because of K Joseph. Joseph's is an incredible Feng Shui experience.
He wrote to me when he was down and out. His e-mail made pathetic reading. Excerpts from his e-mail:
"Dear Mohan Deep, I am in deep trouble and am sure only mohan-`deep` can save me!!!

"I had a great, well paid job that I lost four months back. Taking it as a blessing in disguise I thought of moving on to my first passion; fashion designing. I had enough savings to last me for a year.My wife Liz ran away with her lover, cleaning the money from my account using one of the blank signed I am in big trouble. What remains with me in cash may last me for three months.I want to try Feng Shui when I make a new beginning."

He e-mailed some photographs and floor plan of his apartment. He was in hurry and wanted top priority. I sent him the Feng Shui suggestions marked on his attachment within a week and he incorporated the changes in two phases. The first was within hours and the second would take a fortnight.
In the second phase, he placed my oil of the Double Blessings directly opposite his main door. The Double Blessings is a combination of Laughing Buddha and Lord Ganesha, representing two cultures: Chinese and Indian. Both have large stomachs, traditionally symbolic of wealth and prosperity and are always placed at the entrance welcoming the guests. I energized the painting, like I always do.
I believed that this painting, aptly entitled the Double Blessings, would be doubly lucky.
It turned out to be much more.
Two months later, Keri sent me another mail. Excerpts:
"Feng Shui has been a big help. I have been working as a freelance fashion designer and stylist and the response has been tremendous. The assignments were enough for me to almost double my fees and hire other freelancer to assist me. Now, I don't need to look back. I feel very secure. And love has again blossomed in my life. One of the freelancers is living with me.
"You were right when you said that her element was water and worked against Fire, my element. When she went away, the clashes disappeared. My own element worked for my career, like you said. Fashion designing is ruled by Fire.
".now I would like to have your oil painting of Phoenix for the fame & glory corner.Fame is very important in this career. Jo."

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with the consent of people mentioned.The picture accompanying the article is only for representational purpose.

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