Feng Shui Kills Negative Energy

Here is a very personal and amazing experience I had while visiting a client years ago. This was a Parsi family, located in Tardeo. As soon as I entered their house the negative energy hit me. It was like a fist. Never before I had sensed so much sha (as negative energy is called in Chinese) in any house.
The cause: clutter.
The clutter in this house virtually repelled me. It included even the grocery bills issued in 1940 and the dresses worn by the old couple when they had just married. There was old furniture, newspapers and magazines and all sorts of junk that gather in such surroundings.

The reason I had been called was stagnation in the lives of their 'children' (in late forties and early fifties!). This stagnation related to their career, married life and also to their health.
“The first thing you must do is to get rid of the clutter,” I told them. However, I could see that for reasons as varied as 'emotional attachment' to the baggage of the past and simple lethargy, they were not likely to remove the clutter.
“Tell us what we should throw out and what we should keep,” they asked. It would have been funny had it not been tragic. Here was a sick family.

Using crystal to remove the negative energy

I used my large crystal to remove the negative energy from various corners. The crystal slowly started becoming heavier and slowly I found that I wasn' t able to hold it. It fell from my hand and broke into pieces!
I kept the pieces of the broken crystal in my pouch. These pieces had to be thrown in the sea!

Removing them from my pouch, I placed them in the box containing paper napkins on the dashboard. They remained, on the dash panel of my car.

Just like a blast

Leaving the car in the parking lot of Asiatic library, I went in for my periodical research. Two hours later, while opening the car, I remembered that the crystal pieces had to be thrown in the sea. As I placed my hand on the broken crystals there was a 'blast'. I do not really know how to describe the impact. The windscreen, though intact, developed web-like cracks. A cop came running assuming the sound to be some kind of gunshot. I got the windscreen replaced but the car started giving me trouble from this moment. The troubles continued till I cleared the car of the negative energy. By now, of course, I have learned of other, safer methods to get rid of negative energy.

Clutter attracts negative energy

Clutter is only one of the reasons. Constant fights and bickering in a house, frustration caused due to long periods of unemployment or not getting married, depression and constant worry are some of the causes of the negative energy in the atmosphere. In chronic cases, it is necessary to clear the negative energy before triggering and enhancing various corners. A 21 days ritual I have often suggested has shown very good results.

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