Feng Shui for Power

Feng Shui for Power

The New Year brought Bipin Mehta (name changed to protect the identity) back to me with good results. He beamed as he raised his mobile and told me that, "I have six life lines on my mobile now."
He had several fears when he first visited me.
He said, "Though I am well off, I am always scared. I worry about what might happen and find myself alone, helpless. Suppose I accidentally hit someone while driving.I don't know how I would handle the situation. Suppose tax officers surveyed my business premises.I don't know what I would do in that situation. Or some sudden illness in the family."
He went on graphically describing the worst possible scenario and how helpless he would be. It was not his paranoia. His fears were based on his past experiences.

Not enough clout 

Mehta had found himself in such situations. Once, he had an argument with someone over parking space. The other person took him to police. Several hours and peace of mind was lost as far as Mehta was concerned. Another time, when he wanted to get his ailing father admitted in a hospital, he had a tough time.
After his son cleared ICSE, Mehta had a harrowing time getting admission in the right college despite a very good percentage.
"Even in business, it becomes difficult to get licenses and permission. Government officials begin harassing us. We have no peace of mind." Mehta concluded.

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I immediately saw his real problem?
He didn't have right connections. He didn't have clout. He didn't have friends in the right circle.
And despite being a law abiding citizen he felt alone, helpless.

Feng Shui for Helpful Friends corner

As I moved around in his apartment - located in up market Cuffe Parade - I noticed that Helpful Friends & Patronage sector was incomplete. Worse, the incomplete corner was occupied by a red, triangular painting. Helpful Friends sector is ruled by Metal element, and Fire was causing untold harm here. Yes, the painting represented fire.
Removing fire and placing it in the Fame sector served two purposes. This move somewhat corrected the Helpful Friends corner and also enhanced the Fame sector. However, a lot more needed to be done. Once the Helpful Friends sector was enhanced with the paintings of Metal and the Earth the life changed for him dramatically.
Three months later, he came back to me with several interesting experiences. "The change began in the second month with our school reunion. My alma mater completed 25 years and a reunion was organized. I usually avoid such gatherings but, somehow, I attended the reunion this time.
"This began a chain reaction. I met old friends. One of them is now working in the office of the Chief Minister of our state. We hugged each other and this renewed contact has been very useful. You know how it is!"
Mehta didn't elaborate but it was clear that he had got his Helpful Friend in this man. But this was not the end of the story. Another classmate urged him to acquire the membership of a club. Though it was very expensive, Mehta shelled out the money. The club had an arrangement with Citibank to organize the loan for membership.
"This club membership has opened new doors to me, has made my social life more active and I have some very influential friends." Mehta said. He added with a smile, "I have six life lines on my mobile now."
I am sure the chain effect will continue. Mehta will go on gaining more clout.

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with the consent of people mentioned.The picture accompanying the article is only for representational purpose. You can however, click to check authentic testimonials.


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