How Diana destroyed dirty office politics with Feng Shui

Feng Shui that destroyed office politics

Two years after Diana had first contacted me for Feng Shui advice regarding her problems with office politics, she called me again, and said, "Feng Shui has brought miraculous changes in my life. The old office politics against me is now a thing of the past. The jealous subordinates, who were plotting against me behind my back, have ultimately accepted me. The worst among them, who was virtually my sworn enemy, and that bitch who created rumours about my so-called affair and even sent an e-mail to my husband, had to resign. The best news is that I am in command now. And I have been promoted once again.

"The most satisfying part was when I received calls from the new companies they were on the verge of joining. They wanted my opinion about them!"

Diana was laughing like a girl with no care in the world.

"Now, our office is moving to a bigger new premises. I need you for that. Where should I sit and where should all the departments and staff be located?"

Now, Diana is number two in the entire group!


Feng Shui brings me a different perspective.

What appears to be an office buzzing with activity and full of energy, with goals to achieve is often a war zone.

Politics in the mutual funds and finance related industry is worse than the games people play in actual politics. Morality is an alien concept for most and office politics follows the same principles which are followed in love and war, where everything is fair. ‘The ability to mix poison in an office colleague's drink, while wishing him long life' describes the sort of codes followed in the cutthroat world of office politics. That damn thing called a conscience is absent in the character of the ambition-obsessed people working here.

And it is much worse if a woman is involved.

I realized this when Diana consulted me, two years back.

Woman victim of dirty office politics

I have traced her old mail from the archives which I store in my computer (with a backup on an additional disc, to be safe during the Mercury retrograde period, when computers crash, plans are shelved, commitments take a U-turn) and go through it now that she has returned with a request for another Feng Shui consultation.

The disturbed state of her mind is clear in this mail.

"My talent, honesty, efficiency and hard work got me the promotion and I thought I will have the satisfaction of contributing my mite in taking the organization further. But the atmosphere changed immediately after my promotion. I could sense the hostility among colleague who I had considered buddies. I thought this was a temporary phase and they would later accept my success with grace.

"To my face, they were all polite and friendly, but some were plotting against me. We take many decisions based on what the grapevine says - and you hear all these things if others are relaxed and friendly with you - but here, these so-called friends were ‘withholding crucial information' behind the façade of careful distance.

"An outsider cannot know what I have gone through during the last six months. Gossip and innuendo spoilt my peace of mind and threatened to ruin my family life. I could understand the men who were jealous but women are the worst. Gossip against me started from them. My friendship with a big name who matters, and who played an important role in my promotion, was blown up into an affair...."

There were gory details and some candid disclosures in another mail I must keep confidential. Diana was on the verge of a nervous breakdown when she came to me for Feng Shui consultation.

Feng Shui in office

"Will Feng Shui help me?" she asked.

I wanted to know how far she would go in consultation. Would she be able to take consultation for her office? What if I suggest another cabin for her? Would she be able to keep Feng Shui products and paintings in her office? Or in her cabin? The Feng Shui of her home would also be necessary.

"Of course, I get the picture and I will not directly involve the people who you think are against you," I reassured her.

Diana was determined to follow every suggestion.

The most crucial Feng Shui flaw, as far as she was concerned, became obvious to me within minutes. The two persons she suspected of being hostile to her - a man and a woman - were sitting in the Power corner of the office. How would we shift them? Would they not resist?

Shifting the Power corner


Diana had a frown on her forehead. "Is there any other alternative? It will be difficult to ask them to shift. They will certainly resist."

Fortunately, the office had two entrances. One was in use and the other was closed, with a row of cupboards lined up. I suggested shifting the cupboards, closing the door which was being used and opening up the other door for use.

There was ultimately no need to shift these rivals from the Power corners. With the above changes, we had shifted the Power corner instead, and virtually pulled the rug from below their feet!

Other cures were similar. Diana moved into the new Power corner, the accounts department was moved to the Southeast and various other departments shifted to the corners relevant to them. Diana told me later, "It took barely three months to show the effect. You had chosen my chair for the conference room and the direction for me to sit. This time, as I sat there, I felt a surge of power. In an office meeting, I turned the defamatory mail against me into a major issue and threatened to bring the police and even some NGOs into the picture. All hell broke loose. Most colleagues supported me. The two culrpits cowered. Without taking names, I warned them that I was treating the whole episode as ‘closed' unless they did any more mischief. Everything changed thereafter. Feng Shui worked like magic for me."

Diana regained marital harmony with Feng Shui in her house too. "My husband loves and trusts me. An anonymous e-mail, baseless office gossip and innuendo could not destroy my marriage," Diana said with a smirk.

There was so much behind her smirk.

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with the consent of people mentioned.The picture accompanying the article is only for representational purpose.

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